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What's it like to be a student in LAS? Get an inside look.
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  • Interesting classes for LAS students

    As you choose classes to fit your schedule and consider your general education and major/minor requirements, it can be easy to miss some of the other fun classes that are out there! Feel free to explore, using this list as a few suggestions.

  • Answers to six common questions about accepting your admission

    Jonathan Elugbadebo, the College of LAS' associate director of recruitment and admissions, shares answers to questions he frequently hears from admitted students and their parents.

  • Major advice: Find what works best for you

    One thing I’ve learned while being on campus is that trying different things can be extremely beneficial. Depending on what area you want to major in, there can be room for you to try things that don’t necessarily fit within the frame of your major.

  • How my humanities degree is preparing me for the future

    I know that someday, when I’m itching for something different outside of my current interests, I could go to law school, get my MBA, work in politics, start a nonprofit, be a teacher, or do something completely different. I am a sum of both my education and my experiences.

  • Homecoming week: Illini spirit, activities to engage in, campus comradery

    Nothing screams school pride like Homecoming week, and this couldn’t be more true at the University of Illinois.

  • Time management: How to balance a busy schedule on campus

    College is an experience unlike any other. As a new student at the University of Illinois, theimmense amount of opportunities may seem slightly overwhelming. Andrea Mireles offers these words of wisdom as you embark on this new journey: organize, organize, organize!

  • Networking: the power of building professional connections

     The best advice I received coming to the University of Illinois was to network. My parents, high-school teachers, and older peers all encouraged me to do so, so when I got to Illinois my freshman year, I jumped right in.

  • Things I’d do over: Tips for making the most of your time on campus

    Since graduating in December 2016, I have been living the “grown-up” life. I loved every second of my time at Illinois wish I could go back and do it all over again. However, here are a few things that I know now that I wish I could take back with me to the start of my college journey.

  • Feels like home: Tips to help you get comfortable on campus

    The College of LAS’ size provides plenty of opportunities, though some students wonder how to make a place so big feel like home. Fitting in is easy, considering our campus is lucky to be so diverse. Many students find their niche by the end of the first month on campus and already have established friendships.

  • Six great ways to get involved on campus

    llinois offers countless outlets to help you explore your passions. Whether you join a brotherhood, volunteer on weekends, enjoy squirrel watching, dance, or play broomball, you can find other students to share in your interests.

  • How my LAS degree prepared me for my first full-time job

    In the future, I may go back to school but for now I want to take everything I have learned and put it toward one sole focus.

  • How my LAS degree prepared me for graduate school

    Now that I have spent two years as a graduate student and one year as a Department of Justice honors intern, I still believe I owe my success to Illinois and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

  • Landing your dream job or internship with help from LAS

    The experiences you have in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Illinois will prepare you well as you take your first step toward a career. 

  • How to become a leader on the Illinois campus

    If you’re willing to put in the work during the beginning of your time on campus by being involved in some RSOs or other activities, you have the potential to be a leader at Illinois.

  • How studying abroad changed my life

    My time abroad has allowed me to become more confident in my decision-making skills, in self-reliance, and independence. A boost in my own confidence level contributed to those three quality developments. I couldn't have so easily been forced to rely on my own abilities here at home as I was abroad.

  • From all over the world to Champaign-Urbana: How meeting diverse people can change your perspective 

    The friends who share your interests will strengthen your values and help you find a home at Illinois. The friends who have very different experiences and have lived halfway across the world will make you a more well-rounded and globally-aware individual.

  • How earning a neuroscience certificate is preparing me for my future

    The College of LAS' certificate programs typically involve fewer courses than a minor, while enabling students to develop additional knowledge in a field or subfield. In this post, senior Adrianna Jelen writes about earning a neuroscience certificate.

  • Getting the acceptance letter: Tips for deciding if a university is right for you

    Applying to various universities can be an overwhelming process. Here are tips to decide if a university is really the best fit for you.

  • Celebrating the value of an LAS degree

    When I graduate in May, my LAS degree will specify a bachelor of science in biochemistry, but I am walking away with an invaluable, diverse education.

  • Answers to five common questions about accepting your admission

    Choosing a college is a huge decision, and we know students admitted to the University of Illinois have lots of questions. We're happy to share some answers.

  • Journey to the riverbank and back in time

    With each scrape of each new riverbank, more of this remarkable story unfolds on the ancient deposits of the world’s mightiest river.

  • Life onboard a research boat

    Given the nature of our vessel, many routines that require no thought or preparation in our everyday lives become chores on the boat.

  • University of Illinois bucket list: The best of all seasons

    As a high school student deciding where to attend college, evaluating what each school has to offer outside of the classroom is quite important. The University of Illinois and the Champaign-Urbana community have ample activities, events, and exciting opportunities year-round.

  • What it's like to intern at the White House

    Interning at The White House gave me the chance to go outside my comfort zone. This experience has been the epitome of taking advantage of your undergraduate experience – make sure to take advantage of yours, too!

  • Unlocking the secrets of the Amazon River

    We’re conducting research in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon to conduct research on the river. We’re going as part of an international project to study the form of the modern-day Amazon River and to learn how it can help us interpret the deposits of such huge rivers within the ancient geological record.

  • Studying in Spain: Digging into language, culture

    In my semester abroad, I’ve lived as a resident of Spain, rather than a visitor. I’ve seen some good, bad, and ugly. I’ve seen beautiful landscapes and beaches, yes, but I’ve also seen a country struggling with political and economic uncertainty akin to what we have in the United States.

  • Learn something amazing: Illinois offers a huge variety of classes

    To attend the University of Illinois is to know that you will never fail to find an interesting class to put into your semester schedule.

  • Home is where the Fighting Illini are

    Whether you spend a semester or several years on this campus, Illinois will undoubtedly define a part of you. Homecoming weekend is the perfect opportunity to bleed orange and blue, and validate that you belong here.

  • Undergrad research: Take on real-world projects on campus

    Research in LAS does not have to be the stereotypical lab-bench-and-microscope kind of work. You can find research opportunities across all departments and fields of study that LAS has to offer.

  • My summer internship experience

    By interning somewhere outside of my comfort zone, I was able to immerse myself into the immense opportunities and adventures that await all across the globe.

  • Finding your place in a large lecture hall

    Setting yourself apart from your more than 100 classmates can be a challenge. But, if you make sure you are engaged, you shouldn’t have a problem.

  • Navigating your new home: transportation methods on campus

    As a high-school student deciding where to attend college, wondering how you’re going to travel and navigate a large campus is likely a concern. The University of Illinois has various ways students get around on campus.

  • Tips for time management in college

    College can be an adjustment for many new students. For the first time, you’re on your own, not necessarily spending your whole day in class, and have to manage your own schedule with little outside help.

  • Balancing college life: How to make school, family, and activities work for you

    Managing and balancing a lot of activities and going to school is a big commitment. But how much is really too much?

  • Email Etiquette 101: Communicating with professors and teaching assistants

    As an incoming college freshman, knowing how to communicate with your instructors effectively and appropriately over email is essential to forming positive, working relationships.

  • Tips for freshman registration

    If you're curious about an incoming freshman’s summer registration, I have a few tips to help you make the most out of your first experience as a college student.

  • What to expect at transfer registration

    If you’re wondering what to expect from your transfer registration, I have some helpful tips in store for you.

  • A day in the life of an LAS student

    Thinking back to my expectations of college as a high-school senior, I never could have anticipated half of the things that the University of Illinois has been able to offer me.

  • Tips to help you transfer into LAS

    Transferring isn't an easy process, but getting involved will help.

  • My LAS honors experience

    LAS James Scholars are preparing themselves to be the leaders of the future, and I look forward to staying in touch with my honors friends as we begin to make our mark on the world.

  • My study abroad experience

    Going on this trip changed me as a person and helped me come one step closer to what I want to do following graduation.

  • #ILoveLAS Week and why I love LAS

    Because of LAS, I have developed unique skills that set me apart from others. After four years here, I can truly say that #ILoveLAS.

  • Having second thoughts about your major?

    Although you may be unsure of your major selection, there’s ample support, guidance, and wisdom at Illinois to help you choose the right path.

  • Why I chose LAS at Illinois

    When I had the chance to visit my friend at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign my senior year, I fell in love with everything about the university.

  • My experience as a December graduate

    This December, I will be graduating from the University of Illinois.


  • Advice to a freshman from a senior

    This fall marks my last semester as a student here at the University of Illinois. The past three years here have been an amazing experience for me. I have had great professors and classes, enjoyed our beautiful campus, and made friendships that I know will last a lifetime.


  • Mom's weekend fun

    While being away at school, we all get a little homesick. So what’s the perfect solution? Mom’s Weekend!  


  • How to find campus seminars that will help you as an undergrad

    It is easy to see that this campus has many professors and students conducting various types of research—from physics to philosophy, and everything in between. There are many opportunities to take advantage of, but there is one in particular that I have come to realize many students are unaware of.



  • Hidden Gems: Exploring Champaign and Urbana

    Earlier this semester I had the chance to visit the Urbana Free Library. I am a photographer for the Daily Illini and was covering a story about the library’s 140th anniversary. As I walked through the building and learned about the history of the library, I was amazed at how many resources were available from books, CDs, and DVDs, to just a new place to study. 


  • The importance of internships

    For many students, graduation means starting the job hunt. When interviewing for jobs, companies often will ask about school and your past job experiences. The best way to gain this background and experience is through internships.