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  • Food & Bees

    Jane Halloran and Sara Mason share a little bit about their visit to the Common Ground Food Co-op for a class about cooking with honey.


  • Audience Choice Award

    2017 Sustainability Shorts Film Festival Program

    Check out the E-Program for the 2017 Sustainability Shorts Film Festival

  • 2018 Sustainability Shorts Film Festival Program

    Check out the E-Program for the 2018 Sustainability Shorts Film Festival

  • Sustainability LLC Virtual Orientation Folder 2016

    Check out the Virtual Folder for the Sustainability LLC Orientation.

  • May Day Sustainability Shorts Film Festival

    2016 May Day Sustainability Shorts Film Festival Program

    View the 2016 May Day Sustainability Shorts Film Festival Program here.

  • Sustainability LLC Student Attends Conference in Rome

    Lear about Chelsea Peterson's trip to Rome for the First International Conference for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss.

  • SLLC Bike Loan Sign-Up

    How to sign up for the Sustainability LLC Bike Loan Program:

  • SLLC Students at the Alma Mater during Orientation 2014.

    SLLC Virtual Orientation Folder 2015

    Some key information for students at the Sustainability LLC.

  • Resources for New Students

    Virtual folder for new students in the Sustainability LLC

  • Lessons from the Extreme Entrepreneurial Lock-in

    Being a part of the Sustainability LLC has been a privilege and the respect for the programming of this wonderful organization grows exponentially when they come up with splendid amalgamations. One of the key elements of working in a society is networking. As an engineer myself, I know how challenging it can be to execute ideas while working with people of varied skills and assets. As a perfect solution to this prominent conundrum, the LLC came up with the amazing idea of merging the sustainable brains with the innovative minds and as desired, this program turned out to create pure magic.

    The Entrepreneurial Lockin 2015 was a unique venture to have an instant feasibility check of innovative ideas. It was a realistic visualization of the initial process of venturing into the market with a startup. We all have come across a situation wherein we have had an idea but had an element of doubt in our minds or a constraint of time and resources. Probably such factors would have hindered our endeavors to work further on the trigger that sparked in our brains.

    The lockin was a perfect platform to test the creativity of our cerebrums with discussions and pep talks with experts in the related fields. I also loved the entire set up. The idea was to be locked in an apartment for a span of 24 hours to come up with a business strategy. The theme was 'Sustainability in the Home'. This was a joint endeavor of the two fellow communities- Innovation and Sustainability.

    We started off with brainstorming ideas in our respective apartments with the team of 4. To help with resources, we were allowed to check out wonderful books too. It was fun indeed working with great resources. Of course we had the internet to facilitate our findings, but the books had an added advantage. After about 5-6 hours of working, we had conferences with experts in the related fields. This was a once in a lifetime experience. It isn’t quite often that we get to talk and share our ideas with renowned dignitaries and work with the genius of their brains. True to their proficiency in the subject, they helped us channel our thoughts and get over the loopholes.

    We had our dinner following this event, and were then set to finalize the strategy and take surveys for a much wider perspective. We developed a website to publicize the product and also had our influence on Facebook with public polls and pages. Our idea was that of a home automation system that would monitor energy usage with a web synced multi-modular interface that would collect and monitor real-time data. The idea was a blazing good one and with all the resources and the effort put in by Jennifer Ma’am to help us get on track, it worked just the way we had hoped.

    After the 24 hour session, we had to pitch our idea before experts from significant panels and knowledge backgrounds. The presentation added to the holistic idea of being an emerging entrepreneur. I simply loved the protocol.

    I always hoped to amalgamate engineering and innovation with business strategies and the Lockin was a perfect event to glimpse into this aptitude of mine. I would surely like to get onto this adventure again in the years to come. Kudos to the LLCs!

     Simran Patil


  • 2015 May Day Sustainability Short Film Festival Program

    View the E-Program for the 2015 May Day Sustainability Shorts Film Festival here.

  • 2016 May Day Sustainability Shorts Film Festival

    On May 1, 2016, Sustainability LLC will host its second annual May Day Sustainability Shorts Film Festival. Learn more about the films and the festival here.

  • 2018 Sustainability Shorts Film Festival

    On Saturday, February 24th, 2018 at 7pm Sustainability LLC will host its 4th Annual Sustainability Shorts Film Festival. Learn more about the films and the festival here.

  • Chopped Challenge (October 2014)

    Sustainability Program Intern, Matt Murphy, tells about his experience in the Sustainability Chopped Challenge.

  • Food Fridays at the Sustainability LLC

    This semester, students at Sustainability have gone to several locations as part of our Food Fridays mini field trip series. Hear from Matt about the highlights of these events.

  • Updated Schedule August 21st

    Updated schedule and reminders for Sustainability Orientation.

  • Sustainability Orientation Schedule

    Orientation Schedule for Sustainability LLC

  • Summer Registration Virtual Folder

    We would love to see all of our new Sustainability LLC students at the Summer Registration Lunches. However, we realize that some of our students will be registering online and will not be coming to campus until August. If you are participating in online registration OR you'd prefer to have an electronic copy of our registration folder materials (to be more sustainable perhaps?), we have included those materials below. We would still LOVE to see you whenever you're here on campus and would be happy to answer any questions that you have. Please do not hesitate to email or call (217)244-4850 if you have any questions. We are here to help!


  • Allerton Ropes Course Unites Innovation and Sustainability

    Members of Innovation and Sustainability went to the Allerton Ropes Course Saturday 10/5

  • Sustainability's 2013 Virtual Orientation Folder

    Sustainability LLC 2013 Virtual Orientation Folder