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  • Rubber bands

Comments Feb 26, 2014 8:19 am

Thanks for the comment.  First, athletic tape isn't given out for free by member services, there is a cost to that as well. Second, band aids are a first aid issue and are not readily available in our pro shop. Our staff have those on their persons to help out bleeding patrons. Third, we purchase the hair ties so per University and State of Illinois procurment laws, we have to report those as inventory and such have to sell them. We would get in trouble with the State of Illinois if we just gave them out. We try to make them as resonable as possible. Also, they aren't rubber bands that you just buy at Office Max. They are actual hair ties. Finally, the items that are given out at events, are provided by sponsorship/advertisers. Again, a totally different issue. Also, I would think patrons would like to get a free t-shirt over a free hair tie.

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