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  • BodyPump "Full-Class" Policy

Comments Feb 27, 2014 9:38 am

Campus Recreation has room capacity limits for all of our spaces. We use this in combination with the amount of equipment that can be safely used for a space when determining our class size limits for group fitness. For the Les Mills Body Pump class we only have 30 barbells which limits the class to 30 participants. We couldn’t fit more people in the MP4 space safely for this particular class. We are investigating what other rooms are available that could allow for more individuals. It is also planned to purchase more barbells for this format for the next budget year. We also have to be aware of the cost associated with purchasing expensive weights and barbells to be used in multiple rooms within the same facility. We currently teach 7 sessions of Body Pump per week and are looking to expand this offering, but it is all contingent on the availability of trained instructors and budget. We are looking for more certified instructors who can offer more Les Mills formats as they have been very popular. Ideally, we would find a space that can handle 40-50 participants and try to offer during our most popular time slots. In no way are we artificially drumming up the popularity and exclusivity of these classes. We are doing the best we can with the resources we have to offer a quality and diverse group fitness offering for our members. You also have to remember that the rooms in ARC and CRCE are used for more than group fitness classes. We have rentals, clubs, and want to keep some time for open recreation. There are more than 70 group fitness classes offered per week. We try to accommodate our users as best as possible. Thanks. Brian Baxter, Assistant Director for Fitness/Wellness Operations

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