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Comments Sep 23, 2014 8:32 am

Thank you for sharing your concerns. We are in the process of purchasing more trash receptacles and will be adding an additional gym wipe station in the selectorized strength area. Marketing is also working on signage that will help promote the cleaning of machines.

The gym wipe system is the most popular method used in gyms across the country to clean and disinfect fitness equipment. We feel confident that the patrons will figure out how to adapt to this proven system. In addition, our student staff cleans/disinfects every piece of fitness equipment daily.

The biggest concern with the old system was cross-contamination. It was also a very time consuming process to manage 300 spray bottles and triggers and to do laundry all day long to keep the system working. There was a great expense in actual dollars and staff time to manage the system. The new system is more sustainable moving forward. 

We have to rely on members to take the initiative to clean their fitness equipment before and/or after each use. Members always have the option to bring their own towel to provide an adequate barrier.

There will be a learning curve on behalf of our facilities staff, and I will work with that area on minimizing those problems. We always recommend to those patrons that are concerned about their safety to bring their own towel and to wear clothing that provides a barrier between them and the equipment.

Once again thanks for sharing your concerns. We will do our best to improve the gym wipe system.

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