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Comments Feb 28, 2015 9:24 am

Thank you for your suggestion.  Our department has actually looked at similar equipment opportunities in the past and after careful consideration decided it wasn't something we were comfortable in making available.  One of our concerns is simply the presence of bicycles in the facility.  Regardless of where these trainers are located, it would involve users bring bicycles into the building, something which is prohibited at this point.  There is also always the risk of an individual making a poor decision and actually riding a bike anywhere in the facility or choosing to "park" it somewhere.  I realize those individuals would be in the minority and we could implement and enforce policies pertaining to those actions.  Unfortunately, it's still something we have to consider from a risk management and liability standpoint.

Additionally, our equipment maintenance staff would only be able to repair and maintain the trainer itself.  We would have no control over the quality of a bicycle being used in the trainer.  Currently, that staff is able to maintain all our equipment and remove those pieces that may pose a risk to our users.  If a patron brought in a bicycle that wasn't properly maintained, there is no way for us to control that and the patron could subsequently be injured while it's being used on a piece of our equipment.  That can create a grey area as far as liability is concerned.

All that being said, this is something we will add to the list of equipment opportunities to again consider in the future.  We are always open to conversation regarding any of our facilities, equipment offerings, programs, etc. and are willing to enter the possibility of this specific back into the discussion.  Ultimately, we may decide it is still not something we're comfortable with, but I can promise it will at least be discussed.      

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