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  • New Machines by the Windows at CRCE

Comments Jan 19, 2011 10:15 am

We thank you for the feedback. However, after Spring Break, we will no longer have any elliptical that does not have an integrated screen/TV at CRCE. Most of the wall mounted TV's will be removed as well. The Matrix Ascent Trainers that are currently located in the CRCE Rotunda do not have cable television as an option. The reason we placed these in this location was so people still had the option to use the Virtual Active (virtual reality) component on the crosstrainer, iPod video, normal screen or simply look out the window. By far, more of our user base (students) would prefer to have television/integrated screen on their cardiovascular equipment so they can choose what they want to watch while working out. From experience it has been found that the equipment with this newer technology receives a lot more use than those that do not have integrated screens. I am sorry for the inconvenience this newer technology may cause some users, but it helps us engage more of our user base.

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