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  • Racquet Rental Fee

Comments Feb 1, 2011 10:00 am

If it was an instant mistake of getting the wrong racquet, the staff member should have switched racquets for you without another charge. Especially if you walked into Gym 3 and realized it right then, it would have been an instant return with no charge. Unfortunately, without all the details, and without knowing the staff you talked to, we have no way of refunding you at this point. If it happens again, please e-mail us immediately or ask to talk to a Facility Manager. It is always $1 per racquet no matter if you switch to 3 different racquet sports throughout your time in the building. If you play badminton for an hour, then go and rent racquetball racquets and play for an hour - it is $1 for every racquet rented.

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