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Comments Nov 8, 2011 4:18 pm

First, the ARC is closed Dec. 17-Jan. 6 and then opens Jan. 7-14 and that is when CRCE is closed. So, the ARC isn't closed all of winter break, but we understand what you are saying :). There are a few reasons for this. 1. we use the time to deep clean the ARC, reseal some of the floors, try to get some repairs done (if we can get workers in at that time), etc. 2. the utility costs at the ARC are 3 times as much as CRCE giving us about a $14,000/week savings to have CRCE operating than the ARC. 3. the user numbers over the past 6 years just don't justify having the ARC open during the first three weeks. CRCE is an excellent rec center and has a steady stream of users during this time, but never overcrowding. While I understand CRCE doesn't have everything the ARC has, it still is comparable to any fitness center in town. Maybe take the 3 week time to try some different exercises, create a new routine, try some equipment or activities you have never done before. While, this may not be the solution you seeked, at this time, user rates along with budget savings, just don't add up to having the ARC open the first three weeks of winter break. As you see, CRCE will be open for fall break with the ARC closed, and then for spring break, the ARC will open with CRCE being closed. User numbers for all the breaks have helped us justify the openings and closures.

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