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Comments May 22, 2012 9:10 am

The Illinois State Bathing Code recommends, but does not require showering before entering a pool.  Due to the often high volume of bathers in our facility, our guards must focus more of their efforts on maintaining a safe environment, rather than monitor every swimmer who comes through our doors to determine whether they have showered.  A shower is only effective if it is a thorough, nude, soap, and water shower and all remnants of the soap is cleaned off someone’s body, which is impossible for our staff to determine and still provide our swimmers with adequate privacy in the showering facilities. Our guard staff has been trained to identify patrons who are clearly dirty or sweaty and request that these individuals shower before entering the pool area. 

Our pools are maintained daily by a crew of staff from the University water station. They monitor the chemical balance, temperature, and cleanliness of the pool. They use downtimes throughout the week to schedule vacuuming as well. At times some hair or other items may not be picked up through this process due to the time it takes items to settle to the bottom of the pool where they can be picked up by the vacuum systems.  Oils can most likely be seen at the surface of the water because many of our bathers also use the pool deck for sunning themselves. When they do this, they apply either a suntan lotion or suntan oils. These items naturally come off in water over a period of time and get removed from the water as the water passes through the filtration system every 4-6 hours. 

We feel confident that our pools maintain a high level of cleanliness as our health inspectors even swim in our facilities. 

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