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Comments Sep 18, 2012 11:28 pm

I was not referring to unplanned closures, though. For example, two Saturdays ago, September 8th, both turf fields were reserved from 9:30am to 4:30pm, apparently for some high school tournament. As far as I can tell, 9am to 5pm Saturdays are open rec hours.

Any way, that is not the main issue (if those fields are not available, we can use other fields). The main issue is, making the accurate field/court availability information accessible, either online (preferrable, even if as simple as a Tweet or a Facebook status) or at least over the phone.

I assume Campus Rec already maintains this information -- field closures due to reservations/special events -- in some database. In many instances, I was able to get this information over the phone. On the other hand, in many other instances, the staff did not know how to get this information, and so we just went to the field and hoped it wasn't closed. This would not be too bad if one had a car. But living in north campus, preparing and then walking/taking the bus to the field only to find out you can't play is really annoying, I think you can understand that. And imagine this happens to a group of, say, five people.

Thanks for reading.

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The outdoor turf fields will rarely (really never) have reservations for special events during open recreation time. If there is an event out there going on, it probably isn't open rec time.  Also, if something is happening at those fields, the Complex Fields have multiple soccer fields available. The same goes for the indoor soccer facility.  If a special event was in there, it was probably NOT open rec hours. There are specific times for soccer and roller hockey in that area.  Now there may be a special circumstance that happens at the last minute. We try to minimize those occurances, but it may happen due to building closures, maintenance issues, etc. Most of those times, there is little or no time to post that closure information and our staff relies on verbal communication in thos instances.

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