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Comments Oct 17, 2012 10:54 am

Re-racking weights is a problem we have been dealing with for years. It is simple gym ettiquette to re-rack your weights but our patrons have trouble doing this. It is an ongoing problem. We are working to make sure the FA's are more proactive about telling the patrons to return the weights when they are finished with an exercise. We are not sure if it would help to have additional signage down there reminding the patrons that this is the expectation. However, we are going to install larger signage in the near future. Right now we have signs everywhere, but we will see how larger signage works. Furthermore, if we see it- we do address it, if we do not see who has left the weights- if the FA who is down there is able to re-rack they will do so. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to lift some of the weights down there, in this case they will communicate this to their peers. It is not a matter of intimidation but merely being there when it happens, seeing it, and then communicating to the correct patron.

To address the cleanliness issue: the floors are dust mopped and autoscrubbed overnight. We do not have the budget to clean the floors all day and by the time evening rolls around these floors probably do look pretty bad. We don't have budget to have a second shift of BSW's and even if we did, it would be almost impossible to clean while the weight floor is so busy. Our student staff can and should pick up any of the large items like paper and bottles, but their are strict policies in BSW contracts about how much cleaning a student employee can do. We will continue to work hard to keep the floors as clean as possible. With winter fast approaching this gets more difficult as people track mud and grime in with their shoes.

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