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  • Solar observing open ?

    clouds look to be clearing so we’re open again ~12

  • 11/9 Solar Observing CLOSED, for now...

    The clouds have rolled in and we're for now. Check the blog later to see if we're open again.

  • Solar Observing 11/8

    Skies are clear! Come on out and observe!

  • 11/9 Solar Observing OPEN

    The sky is bright and cloudless, so we are OPEN!

  • 11/8 Solar Observing OPEN

    Nice clear weather. We are OPEN!

  • Solar observing cancelled 11/7

    Just to clarify, my previous post only referred to today. We will still have solar observing tomorrow and Thursday weather permitting.

    Sorry for any confusion.

  • Solar observing cancelled

    We've got full cloud cover, so we're closing solar observing for now. Please keep an eye on the sky in case it clears up later.

  • Sorry Folks: Solar Observing Closed

    Sorry guys...we tried but we are going to have to cancel. The clouds are killing us. 


  • Solar Observing 11/6: Let’s Give It A Try

    The sky looks like it might be trying to clear. Let’s give it a try. Solar observing will be open @ 10 am. 

  • Solar Observing Cancelled 11/2

    It's really overcast and the forcast isn't looking too good. We might be open later if it somehow magically clears up, but for now the observing is cancelled.

  • Solar Observing Cancelled 11/1

    solar observing is canceled for today.

    The blog will be updated if the sky clears up.

  • Solar Observing Open 10/31

    Stop by today in your best (and hopefully warm) Halloween costumes for a look at our Sun!

  • 10/30 - solar observing CANCELLED

    Lots of clouds, and the forecast is not promising. The solar observing is canceled for today. In the slim chance of the sky clearing up again, please check the blog and we might be open.

  • Oct. 26th Solar Observing - OPEN

    The sky has cleared and we are open for observing.

  • Oct 25th Solar Observing -Cancelled

    Solar observing is canceled today.

    The blog will be updated if the sky clears up.

  • Oct 24th Solar Observing -Cancelled

    Solar observing is cancelled due to the clouds and forecast of rain today, Oct 24. If there is any chance of sunshine later, the blog will be updated.

  • Oct 23 Solar Observing Cancelled

    Solar observing is cancelled today, Oct 23, due to weather. In the slim chance that we have a short window of sunshine, the blog will be updated. 

  • April 12 Night observing: cancelling! Clouds rolling in

    Clouds are rolling in!

    sorry guys, observing will be close tonight!

  • April 12 Night observing open at 8:30!

    The sky is clear tonight! 

    We open at 8:30pm tonight!

  • April 6th Night observing stay tuned.

    Still cloudy. We'll wait till 7.45 PM to see if it clears up. Stay tuned for an update.

  • Thursday, March 9 - OPEN

    The sky is clear this morning so we are open!

  • Solar Observing Wed March 8

    We are most definitely open on this beautiful day for solar observing!

  • Tuesday, March 7th - OPEN

    The sky is supposed to be clear all day! Come out for some solar observing!

  • Monday, March 6th Closed

    It is still cloudy outside, so we have to cancel the solar observing for the rest of the day. Hope the Sun would like to meet us tomorrow.

  • Monday 3/6 12-2pm --- closed

    The weather is not cooperating, and there's no sign of clearing up. We have to cancel the solar observing for these two hours. 

  • Closed Morning March 6th

    It is overcast with a chance for rain. Solar observing is closed till noon with the hopes of sunny afternoon. Check back at noon for updates.

  • March 2nd -Closed!

    Unfortunately clouds rolled in so we have closed!

  • Thursday, March 2 - OPEN

    The sky is clear! The observatory is open!

  • Solar Observing Closed Wed. Morning March 1st

    Solar observing is cancelled this morning due to clouds.  Check back this afternoon for updates.  

  • CLOSED - Solar observing for Wednesday, March 1

    The weather is overcast and does not look good for observing the sun. Solar observing is cancelled for today.

  • CLOSED - Solar observing for Tuesday, Feb 28

    The sky is completely overcast and the forecast isn't looking good either - might even have some rain later. So there will be no solar observing today.

  • 2/27 CLOSED for the day

    Though the forecast is somewhat promising, we have some darkish clouds rolling in with zero sun peeking through.   It is only supposed to worsen as the day progresses.  We will try again tomorrow/the rest of this week.  

    - Dr. Jess

  • OPEN - Solar Observing for Monday, Feb. 27

    The sun is shining and there's hardly a cloud in the sky! Come down to the observatory to take a look at the sun!