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  • Webtools Email+ Enhancements

    Two new enhancements have been added to Email+: automatic reports and Name field variables.

  • Using Webtools Forms vs Surveys

    Webtools Forms and Surveys are very similar but with one important difference.  Surveys are anonymous, forms are not. To help everyone choose and use the correct tool Web Services will restrict keywords from being used in form names beginning Mon, Feb 18, 2019.

  • New My Emails tool helps spot phishing emails

    My Emails—a new tool available to faculty, staff and students—can help you distinguish between official messages from the university and phishing messages pretending to be official University of Illinois messages.

  • List Builder Retirement Reminder

    The List Builder is scheduled for retirement on Jun 28, 2019.  At that time the List Builder in Webtools will be unavailable and no new content can be added or edited.  Public Lists and Widgets will continue to work until the decomissioning of the service on Sep 27, 2019 

    LAS units Lists are being replaced by ATLAS.  Other units may contact Web Services.  If we can help we will, in some cases it is possible to convert Lists to Blogs.  In other cases it is not possible.   

  • Email+ Sending Sort Order Added

    Web Services has added a sending sort order to Email+.  This is to make sure that those who have shown an interest in receiving an email are considered first.  This will allow us to reach the right people in a timely maner.  Below is the sort order used: