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  • 5. If I am Chair of the Qual 2 Mini-Committee, what do I have to do after the written exam has taken place?

    (1) You ensure that the results are reported within one calendar week of the exam. The student’s answers will be available to you (either in UI Box or by email) within one business day. As Chair, you will also receive the official Qual 2 results form to complete. You should therefore be in contact with the cognate faculty member within two business days to discuss the answers and determine whether or not an oral exam is needed.

    (2) If an oral is needed, the date and time should be confirmed with Academic Affairs before the oral takes place.  (A provisional date will have been set up with both faculty by the student when you signed the form that requested permission to schedule Qual 2.)

    (3) If an oral is not needed, simply communicate the result to Academic Affairs, either sending in the signed results form, or forwarding email confirmations of the 'pass' result from both faculty.

  • 4. If I am the Chair of the Qual 2 Mini-Committee, what do I have to do before the written exam?

    (1) Two weeks before the written exam, you request questions from the cognate area faculty member; we suggest asking for them within a week. You prepare your own questions. On receipt of the cognate questions, you assemble the exam into morning and afternoon sets (3 hours are allocated for each set).  

    (2) No later than 3 business days before the written exam, email the exam questions and any supporting materials (scores, sound files) to Academic Affairs.

  • 1. If I am the faculty member responsible for the cognate area of study, who do I send questions to, and how far in advance of the exam?

    You send the questions to the Chair of the Qual 2 Mini-Committee, which will be the Major Area Instructor, on his/her request. Typically they are sent to the Chair one week before the written exam date. 

  • 2. Do I send the questions to the student?

    No, the questions go to the Chair of the Mini-Committee, who will send them to Academic Affairs. They are not sent to the student. 

  • 3. How many questions do I prepare?

    You prepare enough questions to occupy the student for three hours of writing. The number of questions is up to you, but two questions are fairly standard. 

  • 6. How long do I have to read the answers?

    Results must be reported within one week; faculty should aim to read the answers within two business days of receipt. If an oral exam is required, it has to happen within the calendar week.

  • 7. Is an oral exam required, and if so when does it take place?

    An oral exam is not required, but if the student’s answers are considered borderline, the Mini-committee may require one. Students are therefore required to reserve a provisional date with the faculty when they request permission to schedule the exam. The oral exam must happen within one week of the written exam.