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Enjoy this collection of natural history stories, images, and videos captured by Illinois Natural History Survey scientists while visiting natural areas around the state.

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  • The Annex apparition

  • Baby doll heads, bizarre bottles, and other river booty

  • Bat hands

  • Finding one elusive bird

  • Unearthing a fossorial snake

  • It's the season for larval lone star ticks!

  • Investigating mosquito insecticide resistance in Illinois

  • Gathering data to save a rare turtle

    Two weeks each month from May to October INHS scientists visit Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area to monitor the wetlands' turtles. They are particularly interested in the endangered Blanding’s turtle. 

  • Light up the night

  • Adventure on July 21, 2020

  • White lady’s-slipper orchid

  • Zooplankton