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Get to know the archaeologists, biologists, chemists, ecologists, geologists, and other scientists of the Prairie Research Institute!

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  • Zohreh Askari: Geologic Specialist

  • Yang Fang: Reservoir Engineer

  • Nancy Holm: Assistant Director

  • Sallie Greenberg: Associate Director, Energy Research & Development

  • Laurel Dodgen: Postdoctoral Research Associate

  • Zoe Zaloudek: GIS Specialist

  • Gail Kampmeier: Entomologist

  • Srirupa Ganguly: Process Development Engineer

  • Brenda Molano-Flores: Plant Ecologist

  • Laura Keefer: Surface Water Hydrology and Hydraulics

  • Jennie Atkins: Water and Atmospheric Resources Monitoring Program

  • Beth Meschewski: Research Specialist

  • Susan Post: Entomologist

  • Madeleine Evans: Lithic Analyst

  • Alison Stodola: Aquatic Biologist

  • Christine Parker: PhD student

  • Andrya Whitten: Aquatic Ecologist

  • Molly Woloszyn: Extension Climate Specialist