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  • Officer Kyle Krickovich (July 2019)

    Officer Kyle Krickovich was selected as the July employee of the month for his compassion and attention to investigative details in addressing a domestic battery incident.

    Officer Krickovich decided to investigate further when, on a routine patrol, he spotted a woman crying as she walked down the street. Although we cannot share specific details of the incident in order to protect the privacy of the survivor of domestic violence, Krickovich's instinct and timely response prevented an already dangerous situation from escalating further.

    Officer Krickovich has demonstrated a consistent sense of empathy and a calm, reassuring demeanor on multiple occasions, and his professionalism and dedication to the safety of the community is to be commended.

  • Officer Chuck Hoskins (June 2019)

    Officer Chuck Hoskins was selected as the June employee of the month for using his knowledge and community contacts to arrest an armed person suspected in a home invasion which occurred off campus.

    Aware that the Urbana Police Department was seeking an individual wanted in a home invasion in April, Officer Hoskins visited Illinois Terminal in Champaign knowing that the suspect was likely to be there. The suspect was not present on the first visit, but Officer Hoskins asked Illinois Terminal security to contact him if he arrived. The next day, security notified the officer that the suspect was at the terminal. Officer Hoskins responded quickly, approached the individual and detained him by handcuffing him for the safety of everyone involved. Officer Hoskins found a loaded handgun in the individual’s pocket, and it was later determined that gun had been stolen in an earlier burglary.

    The arrest not only made the entire community safer, but it also is indicative of Officer Hoskins’ keen ability to use his own knowledge and community relationships to recognize and find dangerous people. Further, Officer Hoskins safely and calmly arrested an armed individual without injury to anyone involved.

  • Telecommunicator Kenny Costa (May 2019)

    Telecommunicator Kenny Costa was selected as UIPD’s employee of the month for his initiative and willingness to help his coworkers. On a nightly basis, Telecommunicator Costa begins his shift by sending out an informational message to officers noting any useful information they may need during their shifts. He is constantly working behind the scenes, tending to security cameras, checking databases and listening to radio traffic to see how he can assist. Telecommunicator Costa has invested the time and effort and becoming familiar with that only his job, but also the jobs of the officers and sergeants that he works with. He is a model for others in his position, and he makes the job of protecting the campus community more efficient and effective. His commitment to public safety is clear, and he elevates all of his coworkers with his passion for service.

  • Nikki Hodge (April 2019)

    Nikki Hodge, Assistant to the Executive Director of Public Safety, was selected as UIPD’s April employee of the month for her efforts in improving the police officer testing and interview process. Recruitment and hiring in law enforcement is a monumental task, and one that is very important to ensure that the department is delivering the highest quality of service now and in the future. University hiring rules and regulations can oftentimes be very difficult to navigate, and Nikki has become the point person. And through all this, she has also been extraordinarily helpful in organizing pieces of the Community Police Academy, including the last-minute pieces to ensure that the participants have a good experience. Nikki’s efforts to improve UIPD’s hiring processes and coordinating community outreach has been instrumental to the department’s present and future success.

  • Officer George Sandwick (March 2019)

    Officer George Sandwick was selected as UIPD’s March employee of the month for his consistent and diligent efforts to maintain the safety of our campus community and, in particular, for his work in a recent theft case. A few weeks ago, Officer Sandwick heard unrelated radio traffic that suggested a person who had been issued a no-trespassing notice for all campus property was at the Illini Union. This person had a history of robberies and thefts, some of which occurred near the Illini Union. Officer Sandwick took it upon himself to find that person and, upon speaking with him, discovered that he was in possession of a stolen cellphone. The phone was returned to its rightful owner. This is one recent example of Officer Sandwick’s consistent work to protect the campus community. Through his actions, commitment and work ethic, he is a leader for all members of the public safety team.

  • Detective Ryan Lepp (February 2019)

    Detective Ryan Lepp was selected as UIPD's February Employee of the Month for his thorough and detailed work in solving several credit card fraud cases. After receiving a report of credit card fraud, Detective Lepp dug deeper and discovered that there were more people who were victims of credit card fraud. The investigation is ongoing, and more fraud cases are being solved as a result of the original case. During a warrant search of the suspect's home, an individual unrelated to the original case attempted to conceal a firearm from police.  It was later determined that this person could not legally possess a firearm. If not for Detective Lepp's thoroughness and thoughtfulness, more people would be harmed by this fraudulent activity.

  • Officer Michelle Schroeder

    Officer Michelle Schroeder (January 2019)

    Officer Michelle Schroeder was selected as UIPD’s Employee of the Month for January 2019 for her outstanding work in identifying an individual who had committed two armed robberies in an area off campus. Within minutes of the robberies occurring, Officer Schroeder located a vehicle which she believed to be connected to the crimes. After completing a records check, she determined the vehicle to be stolen out of Danville, Illinois. The vehicle initially fled from the traffic stop but was later located, and an individual was arrested after admitting his involvement in the robberies. During the course of the incident, Officer Schroeder used keen observational skills and sound judgement to protect campus and the surrounding community.

  • Telecommunicator Kristy Mecum (December 2018)

    Telecommunicator Kristy Mecum was selected as UIPD’s Employee of the Month for December 2018 for her work after a campus community member was punched by a teenager on the Quad, an incident which prompted the University Police Department to issue a Campus Safety Notice to all campus community members. TC Mecum poured through security camera footage and was able to get excellent images of the teenagers involved, which she distributed to patrol officers. Not long after the images were distributed, police were called to a bicycle theft in progress, and it turned out that the offenders in the bicycle theft were the same as the individuals involved in the battery incident on the Quad. With the suspects identified and in custody, police were able to let the campus community know that there was no remaining public safety threat. This would not have been possible without TC Mecum’s quick and thorough work to help identify those involved.

  • Officer John Wright (November 2018)

    Officer John Wright was selected as UIPD's Employee of the Month in November 2018 for his outstanding work and the compassion he showed in responding to a call from a victim of a sex crime. Officer Wright was dispatched to a campus building to help someone who had reported an indecent exposure incident. It was reported that a man, who was later arrested, had exposed himself to a U. of I. student who was studying. Officer Wright stood by with the student while the offender was being apprehended and showed compassion in providing emotional support and resources following a traumatic incident. Officer Wright also made a follow-up call to the student to check up. Sex crimes like this indecent exposure incident take a huge mental and emotional toll on a person. While we cannot provide specifics about all Officer Wright did in this incident to help the student, he went above and beyond to ensure that a student in need received the all the resources needed.