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  • Introduction

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my first blog. I would like to first introduce myself. My name is Eugenia Sosa, and I am a junior here at the College of Business pursuing a dual degree in Marketing and Finance. I am originally from Venezuela, but have lived in the United States for 11 years now. My family and I currently live in Naperville, a Chicago suburb.

    It’s hard to believe that this is my third year at the University of Illinois. I have enjoyed every minute of it! I had not always planned on pursuing a dual degree in Marketing and Finance. I always knew that I had an interest in Marketing, however my interest in Finance definitely came about from the many courses I took both freshman and early sophomore year. After much thought, I decided that Finance would be a great support to Marketing and would later open up many doors when searching for internships and full-time positions.

    This past summer I had the opportunity to intern at Deloitte in their Market Development Services group in the Chicago office. This was an opportunity I found through networking in my business fraternity, Phi Gamma Nu. Deloitte doesn’t recruit for that area specifically, so it really shows the value that networking can have. I was fortunate enough to receive an offer for next summer, so I am excited to be going back!

    As an undergraduate affairs student representative, I’m looking forward to meeting all of you prospective students! Please feel free to email us at admission@business.illinois.edu with any questions or comment below! 

  • Summer Was Great

    Sophomore year went by very fast. I wanted to get an internship to expend and use my knowledge. During my sophomore year I interviewed with different companies such as ITW, W.W. Grainger, ALDI and Kraft Foods and at the end of second year at U of I, I got an offer to work for Kraft Foods at their plant in Champaign, IL. I worked at Kraft in their production and distribution departments. One of my main tasks was to count inventory to make sure the inventory quantity was accurate. They had a lot of damaged products so I suggested to management to ask the person who damaged the product to take few minutes to fix it and not just to leave it at a corner of the warehouse. This helped the accuracy of the inventory and saved time in the long run. My summer was fun and productive. Networking was very crucial for me to get a paid internship at the end of my second year in college. I am looking forward to going to career fair next week to talk to more companies and to find additional opportunities for next summer.      

  • Registration!

    It's hard to believe that I just registered for senior year classes!  All incoming freshman will register for their Fall 2014 semester over the summer!  It's important to plan the best schedule you can, balanced with required business classes but also fun general education electives.  Registration is all done electronically now, and it is as easy as selecting a course by day/time or professor.  As an incoming freshman, there are business core requirements that you will complete over your time here.  They include: 2 introduction to accounting, 1 introduction to finance, 4 business administration courses and 5 economics courses.  You will complete these courses either through AP credits (or similar) and by registering for each of these classes throughout your 8 semesters here.  

    A typical incoming freshman schedule would include Micro/Macro economics, possible math class, a public speaking course, and any gen. ed electives that you choose!  There are always opportunities to balance your schedule with an interesting course.  Some of my favorites include Servere and Hazardous Weather, Medical Ethics, Introduction to American Indian Studies, to name a few.  Check out the University of Illinois' Course Catalog page ( Click here) to see all of the subjects and different courses offered within that particular subject.  Definitely check out the course catalog prior to coming to campus for registration this summer!

  • Spring Break!

    I’m sure school work is picking up and the frigid weather are making people antsy, but there’s one thing we can all look forward to… Spring Break!  Spring break, one of the best weeks of second semester allows students an opportunity to be free from schoolwork and classes.  While on campus, there are so many different opportunities to take an awesome trip.  The College of Business offers sponsored trips to locations all over the world.  You can travel to Panama and utilize business skills to help improve the lives of local Panamanians.  Faculty and students travel to Costa Rica where they address social and economic issues of sustainability.  The third spring break trip takes place in India where students teach marketplace literacy through this international experience.  There are so many different opportunities to travel to less common countries and immerse yourself within the local culture.  These trips provide an opportunity to study abroad as soon as freshman year!

    Once you become acclimated on campus, different organizations that you can be a member of also offer trips of their own.  My professional business fraternity takes an annual spring break trip to a different Habitat for Humanity location across the United States.  Last year the group traveled to New Orleans and worked building homes and local community centers.  There are so many different philanthropic opportunities to take advantage of, internationally or domestically. 

     For more information about short-term international trips through the College of Business, checkout the web page of trips that were offered this year!


  • Interviewing 101

  • It's Cold Outside!

    Another semester has passed, but the cold weather is still here.  One great reason to be in a big and resourceful University is that the transportation system is very convenient. If it is freezing outside I can just take the bus. I don’t really have to walk to all my classes because the bus leaves me in front of the building where my classes are. Most bus stops have a screen with the times the buses arrive to that stop, so I don’t need to wait in the cold. Having this transportation system helps me stay warm and healthy so I can focus on my classes.


    No matter the weather outside the College of Business Facility is always warm and welcoming. I always do homework or chat with my friends in the atrium where it feels like I belong.

  • Career Fair Thoughts

    The Spring 2014 Business Career Fair is this Tuesday and Wednesday. Over 130 companies will be attending – looking to hire specifically University of Illinois students for internships and full-time positions. According to the Wall Street Journal, the University of Illinois is the #3 preferred institution for recruiters. Employers know and recognize the caliber of students that come from the ILLINOIS Business School and so they intentionally seek out our students to work for their companies. These companies are looking for students to fill such a variety of roles – from consulting, to marketing, to financial analysts, to sales, and more. The ILLINOIS College of Business does such a good job of providing opportunities such as a career fair with over 130 companies for students to advance.

    Career fair can be a little overwhelming the first time. You walk into the huge gymnasium and there is just a mob of black suits and portfolios. Each company has a booth and there are lines of students at each booth waiting to talk to the recruiters. Thankfully, freshmen year, everyone takes Business 101 which helps prepare you for career fair through resume critiques and perfecting your “elevator speech.” Business Career Services is also a huge resource in preparing for career fair. You can schedule a resume critique with an advisor or even an employer, do a mock interview, or just go talk to them about certain companies and soak in their advice.

    Often times, meeting a company at the career fair will lead to an interview and then an offer. I have an internship for the summer with Kohl’s Corporate and I first met them at the career fair in the fall. Another comforting fact, 92.5% of graduating seniors from the College of Business in 2013 had a full-time job or were in graduate school within three months of graduation. As intimidating as it can be, everything works out for the best. You just have to be confident in yourself and you will make a good impression.

  • 5 Things I Didn't Think About When Making My College Decision

    1. You tend to get a job in the area you go to school.

    Most college career fairs host companies from that geographical location. If you go to school in California, a lot of California companies or offices recruit students for that area. My family is from Illinois and so staying in Illinois is something that is important to me. Hundreds of companies from Chicago and other parts of Illinois recruit at The University of Illinois year after year.

    2. Having college friends when you are home on breaks is really nice.

    Most people at the University of Illinois are residents of Illinois. I am from the suburbs of Chicago, and almost all of my friends from college live within a 20 minute radius of me. This is wonderful for having people to hang out with over breaks and for rides to and from school!

    3. Recruiters associate your caliber with the caliber of your school.

    The University of Illinois and the College of Business are well known among recruiters. It is a large school and companies have had many U of I alums working for them. They know the work ethic, integrity, and talent of students in the College of Business here.

    4. The alumni base of a college is your immediate network.

    As you have heard, people often say that it is all about who you know. Relationships and connections are how you get to where you want to be. The ILLINOIS College of Business has an alumni network that is 50,000+ strong! There are a lot of people out there for you to connect with and resources to help you connect with them to reach your goals.

    5. A big school can be for everyone.

    When I was applying to colleges, I knew (thought I knew) that a small school would be the best fit for me. I applied to several small school and then to one Big 10 school – U of I. Here I am at U of I and I would not have wanted it any other way. I have found my niche here. With a school of 40,000 students, you are bound to find your place somewhere. My favorite thing about the ILLINOIS College of Business is the community. Everyone is so close-knit and I have built strong relationships with peers and even the deans. I love walking through the business building and seeing so many faces of friends. The College of Business truly made U of I feel like a small school but with all the benefits of a large university.

  • Orange Krush

    Returning to campus after fall break is such a bittersweet feeling.  I was sad to leave a home full of great food and better family, but I am excited to get back to campus and end a great semester!  There is however one thing that excites me more than anything about returning to campus and that is Illinois basketball.  Coach Groce and the Illini are currently undefeated and everyone on campus is very excited about how our team has been playing so far!

    This year, I am a member of the basketball student cheering section, Orange Krush.  As a member of Orange Krush, I have the opportunity to sit right next to the court every single game.  Never have I experienced such an exciting atmosphere as when I had the opportunity to sit courtside while Illinois played 18th ranked Gonzaga my freshman year.   If you are a basketball fan of any sorts, I recommend becoming a part of Orange Krush when you get to campus!

    Orange Krush is a student led organization that not only cheers at every basketball game, but also has the opportunity to give back to the community around us with grants and donations going to many local charities.  This past year, the Orange Krush Foundation donated approximately $150,000 to the University and 61 charities.

    Many other College of Business students like me are involved with business organizations but are also involved in the Orange Krush Foundation as well. Joining Orange Krush is not only a great way to support our university, but also a great way to meet other students from around campus. 

    Waiting for the game to start!  

    I had to share the view with this guy for the entire game! 

  • The Calm Before The Storm

    I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, good food, and gratefulness. I think that this Thanksgiving was surrounded by a very unique time – with the typhoon in the Philippines and the destruction from the tornadoes right here in central Illinois. Those extremely devastating situations were a blatant reminder of just how much I have to be thankful for while people across the world and also right next door are suffering from such great loss. Sometimes I think it’s healthy to step back from our lives and truly reflect on everything we have been blessed with. I am glad that we have a national holiday for that here in the United States, but I wish that it could be more of a lifestyle – spending time each day being thankful for all that we have. Our entire week of Thanksgiving break was very rejuvenating and came at the perfect time. I spent a lot of time lounging around watching movies, reading, cooking, baking, and spending quality time with family. Now it’s Monday and we are back at school and are already crazy. We have a week and a half left of classes and then comes finals week. This time leading up to finals is full of last exams, big presentations, group projects, and lots more. Thanksgiving break was definitely what you can call “the calm before the storm.” The good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! In just three weeks we will be home for a month of winter break and finished with first semester…and then will come even more lounging around and watching movies and family time. During these next few weeks when I am busy and stressed, I am going to do my best to remember how much I have to be thankful for – especially the opportunity to go to such a wonderful university.