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  • Pop That Bubble!

    We go to a school of 40,000 students and yet we always seem to forget how many resources and activities are provided to us each and every day on this campus.  It is easy to fall into a “bubble of comfort” after adjusting to the initial year on campus.  However, UIUC promotes such a diverse, and involved campus that it is not hard to go outside of your comfort zone.  In fact, speaking from a personal experience, some of the best times I have had in college is when I took a leap of faith and joined a club that none of my friends were in, or tried a new restaurant on campus!  There is so much to do on campus that there is literally not one second to be bored.   Watching a show at Krannert, volunteering in the community outside of campus, exploring downtown Champaign- these are all underrated things that could be one of the best memories you have from college.  We are given but only four years to enjoy this amazing campus, so let’s pop that bubble and step outside of our comfort zones!

  • Getting Involved on Campus

    “You can make a big school small, but you can’t make a small school big.”  Hearing this was one of the defining moments in my college experience.  Within the first week of school, I attended Quad Day.  Quad Day cannot be described in words, it is one of those things that you have to see in person to fully grasp.  Seeing the hundreds of tables with their slogans and free giveaways, it was easy to feel overwhelmed- but that was the best part- there was an infinite amount of things you could do on campus.  And if you didn’t find something you wanted to do (which was near impossible), then you could start a club yourself that did do whatever it was. 

    I realized early in the school year that I wanted to be a part of a professional organization as well as a social organization on campus.  Recruitment for both these types of organizations was not only right at the beginning of the semester, but also around the same time.  Though I was kept busy at the beginning running from meeting to meeting, I finally found my niche within Business Council and a sorority here on campus.  These two organizations gave me outlets for different things.  When I needed to relax and take a load off, I could partake in social events.  When I wanted to buckle down and get work done, I could do homework with my friends in Business Council.  Overall, getting involved has helped me find my niche within a big school.  This involvement however should never take away from school work.  This balancing act doesn’t come easy, but when you finally learn how to juggle the group projects and meetings, it all becomes worth it. 

  • Back and Better Than Ever

    The year has started back up again and I can feel the excitement everywhere!  I’m returning for my third year on campus, and it feels so strange to call myself an upperclassman.  Information sessions with companies have never seemed more important, and I’ve never been to BCS (Business Career Services) more times than this week.  That being said, I would like to offer up some advice to some of the younger folks in the College of Business: Don’t wait to get involved!


  • Career Fair

    The College of Business students can emit a sigh of relief now that the career fair is over! Last week, September 18th- 20th, we hosted 236 companies for our fall career fair. This is a great opportunity for students to meet recruiters, ask questions about various leadership conferences, internships and full-time positions that each company is offering. As required in the curriculum of Business 101, all freshman College of Business students were in attendance. Most undergraduate and graduate students attend in search of networking and job opportunities, as this is a great way to gain exposure to various companies. This three-day event truly attests to the College of Business’ remarkable student talent and how eager companies are to recruit our students. Complete with business professional attire, a revised resume and some individual company research, each student has the opportunity to attend as many days as they choose and talk to as many companies as they wish. While some students find this to be a nerve wrecking time, it is the key stepping stone to building that relationship with a potential employer. Now that the career fair is over, interviewing season is just around the corner. Good luck everyone!

  • And we're back!

    Welcome back everyone! It is officially school season and time to get back in the groove of things. As a member of a social sorority on campus as well as a business fraternity, the recruitment process has been in full swing! Phi Gamma Nu Professional Business Fraternity has wrapped up interviews and we are very excited to welcome our new pledge class! For those who are not familiar, business fraternities are RSOs on campus associated through the College of Business. Each fraternity as well as Business Council have pillars or ideals that they model their chapter and council by.

                As a member of Phi Gamma Nu, we model our chapter around professionalism, philanthropy and our social pillar. Now that all of us are back on campus and we have new pledges, our exciting events have begun for the semester! We have awesome philanthropy events for this week such as tutoring in the Champaign community on Tuesdays and Adopt-A-Highway on Saturday. Welcoming our new members, we have our first chapter of the semester Wednesday and a Professionalism 101 event for our younger members on Thursday. Next Monday we have a Career Fair Panel offering advice and tips on approaching recruiters at the Career Fair, which is already next week! I know it would not be a complete week without social events! Thursday is Capture the Flag on top of Krannert Art Museum, light-up frisbee on the quad after Chapter, PGN bowling event with our corporate sponsor Deloitte next Tuesday, and the chapter camping trip next weekend! I am definitely back in school mode and looking forward to a great semester with PGN, my sorority….and school work of course… 

  • 10 Countries in 2 Years

    WANDERLUST: a strong desire to travel and explore the world. I had it, and now it’s even stronger. I always knew that I wanted to study abroad in college. I have been fascinated by other countries and cultures ever since I was young. I was probably the Travel Channel’s biggest viewer when I was ten years old. My favorite winter-time activity was going to the German Christkindlmarket in Chicago and eating potato pancakes with applesauce and buying little wooden toys from the merchants. My favorite exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry was the room full of decorated Christmas trees from around the world. I would even read my mom’s cooking magazines when they had special articles about foods from around the world. Needless to say, I have always had the desire to explore other countries.

  • Last Post!

    I've been working in the Undergraduate Affairs office for three years - and I can hardly believe that today is my last day of work!  It's been an absolute blast helping the College recruit students during my time at Illinois.  Hopefully through Orange and Blue Days, Admitted Student Days, Meet the Deans, the Business Experience, The Annual Womens Conference, campus/BIF tours and blog posts you've been able to see why the College of Business at the University of Illinois is the best.  If you are coming to campus as a freshman in the Fall - best of luck and enjoy every moment!  Work hard, but do not forget to take time to do things you enjoy - whether that's intramurals, volunteering within the community, or taking a class just because it sparks your interest - take advantage of every day. Enjoy your time here and GO ILLINI! I-L-L!

  • Fun events in Champaign-Urbana

    Spring is such an exciting time both on campus and in the Champaign-Urbana area.  This past weekend was the 15th annual Ebertfest - the Roger Ebert Film Festival at the Virginia Theater in downtown Champaign.  The festival promotes small, independent films.  I didn't get a chance to go see a film this weekend, but I went with a few friends last year.  We went and saw a documentary called "Funny Business" - because it featured business men running comedy clubs in Chicago.  This upcoming weekend is the Illinois marathon!  There is always a lot of buzz about the marathon because so many students participate in both the half and the full - I went to go to see friends cross the finish line last year and I plan on doing the same thing this weekend.  Last weekend was Moms Weekend - both my parents came down to participate in campus festivities.  We went and saw the musical Hairspray that was put on by the Illini Union Board and ate dinner at Wedge - my new favorite Mexican restaurant off campus (try the chicken or fish tacos!).  These are just a few things going on around campus, Champaign-Urbana is a really awesome area to explore.  My friends and I are trying to make the most of our time before we graduate on Saturday, May 11th!  GO ILLINI!


  • Spring has Sprung!

    Spring is my favorite time on campus - after the cold blustery winter it's so nice to be able to get outside an enjoy Champaign!  This past weekend my friends and I took advantage of the 70 degree weather by going on walks, eating frozen yogurt on the Quad, playing sand volleyball on the courts by the 6-pack and dining on the patio at Wedge, an off-campus Mexican restaurant.

    I can hardly believe that I only have a month of school left - I am doing everything I can to make the most of it.  It seems like yesterday that I was moving into Illini Tower and I had my entire college experience lying in front of me.  I really feel that I've made the most of my college career - I joined a social sorority, a business fraternity, I work in the Admissins Office and I will have interned at three different public accounting firms.  I stayed very busy and active, which made these past four years enjoyable.  When you come to campus next fall, I encourage you to get involved right away - whether you find a club to join a Quad Day, join an intramual team or a Greek organization - being a part of an organization and meeting other people with similiar interests really enriches a student's experience!

  • The Business Experience

    This upcoming weekend, the College of Business will be hosting its annual "Business Experience" event on Saturday, March 9.  The Business Experience is one of my favorite events because it really gives admitted students a feel for what attending the University of Illinois, College of Business will be like.

    I remember attending the event nearly four years ago as a prospective student.  I was able meet professors and current students.  I met students with a wide variety of interests and experiences - some of these students were accountancy majors so I was able to ask them questions about what classes to take, where to live and listen to any other general advice they had to offer.  I attended the event with my parents who were also glad to get many of their questions answered and see what life would be like for me the following Fall.

    I highly recommend that if you are an admitted student you come and visit campus this weekend.  You will be able to meet some of your peers, and see what the Business Intructional Facility (BIF) is like.  Most of your business classes will be held in BIF or across the street in Wohlers Hall.  One of the things I love about the College of Business is that we are a large Big 10 school, but since all of our business classes are really housed under two roofs - it gives the College a small school atmosphere.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime at admissions@business.illinois.edu and hopefully we will see you this weekend!  GO ILLINI!