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  • Aashmi Patel | Class of 2022

    Biography: Hi, my name is Aashmi Patel. I am passionate about technology and a dedicated student. But, regardless of my academic ventures you can find me being involved in organizing cultural events in my community.

    More coming soon!

  • Afareen Saiyed | Class of 2022

    Dual Degree with Agricultural & Consumer Economics

    Biography: I am beyond thrilled to start my dual-degree with the Ischool! I would love to work for the biotech or fintech industry once I graduate.

  • Abraham Martinez | Class of 2022

    Dual Degree with Economics

    Biography: Hello I am Abraham Martinez from Chicago, Illinois.  I enjoy going to concerts, playing and refereeing sports, as well as discussing technology and news way to implement it into society.

    Why Information Sciences: I would like to major in information sciences because the classes I have taken have made me really enjoy learning about information and its importance in the world and workplace. Discussing new ideas and ways to share information are some of the things I love to do with friends and family. I also enjoy discussing current events and the importance of sharing knowledge with everyone in the world as well as giving people enough resources to learn about current events and important ideas.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Box Office Staff at Canopy Club, Intramural Official with Campus Recreation, Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA), Economics Club, Part Time Job at Caribbean Grill

  • Albert Chen | Class of 2024

    Biography: I am a very active person who loves watching, discussing, and playing sports, especially basketball. I am also very sociable and enjoy meeting new people as well as trying and learning new things.

    Why Information Sciences: I am interested in Information Sciences because it is a very prevalent field in this day and age of technology and data. I want to be able to utilize data and information to create systems that help use existing information and data to make the world safer and day to day life easier.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: During high school I was a 4 year basketball player, participated in orchestra, played the cello, participated in FBLA, helped work on a new app that helps players get recruited and shows stats and records for all high school sports and activities called Fanpalooza, interned at U of I iVenture accelerator, shadowed and helped athletic trainer at the U of I during wheelchair basketball and wheelchair track summer camps, I was a research Intern and Worked in the Motor Control Research Lab of Dr Jacob Sosnoff, Department of Kinesiology, University of Illinois, assisting with experiments looking at mobility and balance impairment in people with neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease, I also volunteered time to help train and develop my younger brothers aau basketball team, and more.

  • Alex Figus | Class of 2023

    Biography: I am a sophomore interested in the Data Analysis/Data Science pathway. I like to travel and play water polo with friends.

  • Aliya Gilley | Class of 2023

    Dual Degree with Advertising

    Biography: My name is Aliya Gilley and I am pursuing a dual degree on advertising and IS. I have a strong interest in UX and data, but I haven't completely decided what pathway I want to pursue yet. I like to see and do new things whenever I can. In the picture, I am with my boyfriend at the World War II Memorial in DC! I'm excited to see what's out there in the ISchool program!

  • Andi Zenku | Class of 2022

    Biography: An Albanian-American student striving to utilize my knowledge in data, statistics, programming, and human psychology to predict the future and improve outcomes to the advancements of our society.

    Why Information Sciences: Analysis of the past through big data will lead to better predictions of the future which is invaluable for any industry and this is one of my main reasons why I want to major in Information Sciences. Today we produce an incredible amount of data and through its analysis we can now achieve significant improvements in productivity, efficiency and quality in every sector. This universal application of the Information Sciences is another reason why this field is so attractive to me.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Albanian Student Association, University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System Volunteer, Ministry of Health, Republic of North Macedonia Volunteer

  • Antonio Sanchez | Class of 2022

    Biography: An outgoing guy that enjoys playing video games and soccer with an interest in data analysis.

  • Anthony Kwok | Class of 2022

    BiographyPersonal Website

  • Athena Tang | Class of 2023

    Dual-Degree with Graphic Design

    Biography: Hello! I'm Athena. I'm a rising sophomore pursuing a dual degree in Information Sciences and Graphic Design. I'm from sunny California and am interested in Human-Computer Interaction + User Experience. My dream job is to become a UI/UX Designer in the Bay Area.

    Why Information Sciences: My dream career is to become a UI/UX Designer at a technology company. I hope to achieve this through a dual degree in Graphic Design and Information Sciences. I want to learn more about information systems, how to design information services, and how to interpret data to make an impact in the world. Specifically, I am interested in the interface between humans and technology. To this end, I believe that the department’s User Experience and Human-Computer Interaction courses and pathways are well suited to my goalsI hope to identify areas of need and develop the tools to address them, easing the technology barrier. I believe the IS degree represents an interdisciplinary background and can help students succeed in a variety of careers such as Data Analyst and Product Manager.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: UI/UX Design Intern for Ameren, Graphic Design Intern at the Life + Career Design Lab, UI Designer with Design Innovation Illinois, UX Researcher at the Siebel Center for Design, Research with Dog Anxiety Hackathon, User Interface Designer For Automn.

  • Betty Guerrero | Class of 2022

    Dual Degree with Statistics

    Biography: Hi! I am a rising junior at the university pursuing a dual-degree in Statistics and Information Science. Outside of school and work I am an avid runner and coffee connoisseur!

    Why Information Sciences: I am interested in majoring in Information Sciences because of its direct application to the workforce, it aligns closely to my interests and dual major, its interdisciplinary approach, and because it is a smaller program. I think that the new major is important because it is a direct example of a creation to meet the ever-growing demand of information specialists. I am a very data-driven and analytical individual. I hope to gain both knowledge in the collection and gathering of information and then use my statistical knowledge for analysis.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Edmund James Scholar Honors Program, Data Analytics Specialist with Illinois Leadership Center, Office of Minority Student Affairs Ambassador, Illini Service Dogs Student Trainee

  • Brandon Harris | Class of 2023

    Biography: I'm from Vernon Hills, Illinois. I'm a huge sports fan, with the Chicago Bears and Bulls being my favorite teams to watch.

    Why Information Sciences: I want to major in IS because I feel that this major suits my skills and passions the best. I am very interested in learning how our world revolves around data and technology and I feel that by majoring in IS, I can pursue learning about these topics while also receiving new skills and knowledge about the world and people. I want to be able to use data and technology to interact with people and help others, which is exactly what Google and Apple are doing. It's exciting to me because it shows just how important the field of IS is and the benefits it can have on society.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Social Fraternity, Volunteering, Part-Time Work with Vernon Hills Youth Athletic Association & Dick's Sporting Goods

  • Christian Nnabuihe | Class of 2022

    Biography: Hello, my name is Christian Nnabuihe. I'm a Junior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and I look forward to my time in the iSchool! I'd love to make new friends, so if you want to chat, don't be afraid to say hi!

  • Cayden Boyer | Class of 2024

    Biography: I come from a small town in Central Illinois. I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and pets (I have two dogs and a cat), and participating in my extracurriculars and jobs. In my spare time, I like to stay in and binge Netflix.

    Why Information Sciences: Programming has always been an interest of mine; however, I have also always wanted a job in which I can help people. Information science is a good fit for me because I can study programming and data science, but with an ultimate goal of using the skills I learn to help people achieve their goals.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: National Honor Society, Speech Team, Drama Club, WYSE, Student Council, Students with Advocacy Training, Volunteer at TAPS Shelter, Part-time job at Marshalls, Partner in Boyer Auction Service (charity and for-profit auctions)

  • David Ruvinskiy | Class of 2022

    Biography: Hello, my name is David Ruvinskiy, and I am going to be a junior at UIUC. My passion for iOS app development led me to apply for the B.S. Information Sciences program, and I look forward to seeing how the concepts I learn as an information scientist apply to my role as an iOS developer.

    Why Information Sciences: I want to major in Information Sciences because I believe the field strongly aligns with myinterest in programming and written communication. During my two years at UIUC, Iattempted to explore these interests through computer science and creative writing courses.However, I concluded that these majors were too narrow and that they would not provide mewith the heuristic education I desired. Taking IS 101 this summer led to my realization thatinformation sciences combines my interests through its focus on the relationship betweenpeople, technology, and society. Throughout IS 101 and other IS courses, I learned that themajor would allow me to continue exploring my diverse interests.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Community Manager with CodeWithChris, Course Assistant for CS 125, Personal Asisstnat Staff Manager with Illinois Department of Human Services, Projects - BizList App & YearRace/Race to 31 iOS Games

  • David Alegre III | Class of 2022

    Biography: My name is David Alegre III. I am from Chicago, and one day I want to use Data Science to make improvements to the education system.

    Why Information Sciences: Originally I was a Statistics major because I had really fallen in love with data science. I quickly realized that the statistics major was too much computing and lacked a social aspect and actual problem-solving. What I love about the major in Information Science, is the way that it incorporates technology, history, and sociology. With this in mind, I feel like I can learn so much more about what I'm passionate about through the major in Information Science. I really hope to gain some skills in computing ethics, research, and sociology. I want to be great at computing, while also having a deep understanding of the human perspective and the history of computing.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club Recreational Leader, Nordstrom Web Support, Service Fraternity, Center for Conflict Resolution Mediation Skills Training, Latinx Student Association

  • Edison Hawkins | Class of 2022

    Biography: Hi there! I'm Edison, but most people call me Eddie. I transferred to UIUC in the Spring of 2020, and was admitted to the iSchool for the Spring 2021 semester and I'm currently on track to graduate in Spring 2022. I'm excited to study and collaborate with fellow iSchool peers and apply lessons from the classroom to the real-world!

  • Edward Sung | Class of 2022

    Biography: I am an incoming transfer student from the University of Washington at Seattle. I like photography and vlog, check out my youtube channel if you are interested.

    Why Information Sciences: I enjoy addressing data, especially analyzing the results I get from datasets. To me, Information Sciences combine both technology and information, which give me a flexibility to utilize skills in the two domains.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Classroom Technician at the UW Academic Technologies Department, Gravitational Wave Research, Creating UW EPE Physics Website, InfoMap Research, President of Taiwanese Youth Alliance of Pacific Northwest, Internship at Magitech, Internship at UW iSchool doing Virtual Job Fair, Def Hackathon, UW Datathons, UW Protothons, UW Photography Team, Assistant Director of Communication and Marketing at UW Lander Hall Council, Dawg Crew Volunteering

  • Elena Marquez | Class of 2022

    Biography: I transferred to the University of Illinois from the University of San Diego this past fall (2019) and from Lake Forest IL. I've been very satisfied with my Information Sciences courses and professors, and I am excited to continue my education at the iSchool.
    Why Information Sciences: What is unique to the information sciences major is we are also taught how to think about the applications of social informatics to be able to make ethical decisions concerning privacy, use, extraction and distribution of the information acquired from data. In my future career I would like to conduct data analysis to make business decisions or find the need for new products and services. My interests vary greatly and I hope to hone in on them as I continue to learn more about information science.
    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Workflow Intelligence Data Science Intern at Zebra Technologies, Sales Associate at Sunglass Hat, Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law Fraternity, Research Assistant for Student International Business Council

  • Emily Crawford | Class of 2023

    Biography: Hello! I'm Emily and I'm from the suburbs of Chicago enjoying my time at U of I. Aside from Information Science, I also enjoy listening to music, hiking around outdoors, drinking tea, and seeing my friends.

  • Ethan Igunbor | Class of 2022

    Biography: I spend my time dancing hip hop and electronic, gaming, working out, and hanging with friends. I also love bubble tea.

    Why Information Sciences: Every day I find myself trying to stay up to date with the latest innovations, usually by watching YouTube tech updates and subscribing to online feeds All of this has sparked my interest in how information is processed, consumed, and collected. When playing the video games from my childhood, such as World of Warcraft, I seem to have a huge interest in customizing my UI or interface. This later evolved to me teaching myself graphic design at the age of twelve.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: WebMonkeys (Web Design), Uber Tech Talks, Illini Esports

  • Eva Hu | Class of 2021

    Dual Degree with Econometrics & Statistics

    Biography: I am currently in Statistics and Econometrics double majoring and transferred to the university 2018.

    Why Information Sciences: I find that data and computing become increasingly important today in our modern world ranging from technological innovation, analysis of human behavior, social structure and natural phenomena to the solutions to world-wide issues. In fact, from my perspective, data science, which is vigorously developing, gradually becomes a new force of production in a wide range of fields and industries. With this belief, I always seek for opportunities to enrich my data science knowledge by participating in interdisciplinary projects to have an insightful exploration on specific topics with social value and to have a systematic research on certain aspects of data science. The Information Science major offers me Data Science and Data & Society pathways, which are in parallel to my belief.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Illinois Geometry Lab Project (Amazon Alexa Project), Participant of 2020 Illini Datathon Competition, Software Developer for Moodle System, Research with National Center for Supercomputing Applications on Social Media Macroscope, Data Analyst for Tailored Information, Food Inspectoin Plan of Chicago Project

  • Faadil Ahmed | Class of 2022

    Biography: Faadil is a junior, and loves to play competitive sports and hangout with friends. He also has a passion for coding and creating mobile applications. He looks forward to learning new material and programming languages to help him with his future career in the rapidly increasing technological world.

    Why Information Sciences: Over the last two years, my interest in databases and turning raw data into real-life decisions has peaked my interest. From learning HTML to SQL and learning data's impact on society to different modes of data, I can not stress enough how much I enjoyed learning. Another reason why I want to major in Information Science is the staff. From teachers to advisors, I feel as if I have a place on campus and feel connected to the teachers and what they learn; something I did not feel in my last major.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Data Analyst Internship with United Way, Pakistani Student Association, Muslim Student Association

  • Farras Irsyaad Rivai | Class of 2022

    Biography: I am majoring in Information Science with a concentration in Data Analytics. My hobbies are to play golf as well as cook.

    Why Information Sciences: Interested in information sciences because I think its the upcoming big thing since almost all industries revolve around how they can manage data.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Teaching assistant, IT consultant, Golf Club member, Student Chef

  • Grace Delacruz | Class of 2022

    Why Information Sciences: I think Information Sciences will give me both the technological and social, human-centered knowledge and background that I need. Technology is not deterministic and instead exists within a complex web of people, systems, and social and cultural contexts. Therefore, in order for it to be impactful and meaningful, there needs to be understanding of how it informs and relates to these things. So along with learning about network systems, databases, data processing and modeling, analytical methods, design, and such, I want to learn about how they engage with broader social systems and the human component that they ultimately are supposed to serve.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: FCA Camp Counselor, Writing Center Student Tutor at Marquette, Marquette Volunteer Corps, Fade In Film Club, Marquette Running Club

  • Grace Mongan | Class of 2021

    Biography: I am a Sophomore on the Fighting Illini Co-ed Cheer team. I'm also a member of the professional agricultural sorority Sigma Alpha. I'm excited to see where my time at the iSchool takes me!

    Why Information Sciences: I accepted an internship with Caterpillar for Data Analytics and thought that learning the broad subject of Statistics didn't seem like the proper education for that type of position which was really my end goal as a career. I really enjoy the applied side of Statistics (which isn't often a topic in stats courses) and analyzing what everything truly means which is what I am looking to do as a career. After finding IS107 and currently taking it and enjoying, it seems I have found a better match in Information Science.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Data Analytics Intern for Caterpillar, Athlete-Member of Co-ed Cheerleading Team at the University of Illinois, Professional Sorority, FFA: School Chapter Officer, Panhellenic Council Representative, Snyder’s Ace Hardware and Pharmacy Sales Associate, Macauley’s Curview Angus Representative

  • Grant Florence | Class of 2023

    Biography: I am a sophomore in the School of Information Sciences with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction. I hope to take what I learn at Illinois and use it to start a career in UI/UX design within the tech industry.

  • Hadley So | Class of 2024

    Biography: Hadley is an undergraduate student at the School of Information Sciences. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Sciences, with interests in Data Science and UI/UX. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Hadley has brought his appreciation of the human factors together with his love for technology as he pursues his BSIS degree.

    Why Information Sciences: I chose Information Sciences because it is the perfect combination of technology and human factors. I’ve always had a love for technology and computing, but found it too distant from the end-user sometimes. An information science enables me to utilize power of computers without forgetting the human element of our decisions.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Design for America || Student representative for the iSchool All-Faculty Committee || Covid-19 Infodemic research with W.H.O. and P.A.H.O || Find out more at

  • Hanyu Zhao | Class of 2023

    Biography: I am a passionate believer in living in the present.

    Why Information Sciences: I am interested in information science since it is a subject that combines scientific methodsand literature analysis. By mixing these two parts, information science would not only analyzecertain social phenomena rationally but also deliver the related information to peopleobjectively and comprehensively. Nowadays, people rely on data to blend in this society andget themselves familiar with the development around the world; meanwhile, this world alsoresponds to the information given by people. The relationship between humans andknowledge seems to abridge the distance between different people, different majors, anddifferent kinds of intelligence. I have a strong desire to understand how this subject shortensthe gap between people and information and connect different information and knowledgeinto a net.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Marketing & Credit Facility Intern with Nanyang Commercial Bank, Data Analysis Intern with General Electric Company, CISA - Leader in Human Resources

  • Iman Shamim | Class of 2023

    Biography: Hi, my name is Iman Shamim and I are up around the northern Chicago suburbs. I love learning about society and how we use technology!

    Why Information Sciences: Throughout my life, I have always been fascinated with how people decide to use the information provided to them. Early in my formative years, I started volunteering at my local library, learning how my fellow community members perused through the works of many writers and experts in different fields. I realized that I wanted to translate these interests of people to settings outside of the library. When I learned about the Informations Sciences degree, I quickly saw how the degree connected the information in data and different technologies to the actual use by people.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Kumon Tutor, Member of Global Medical Training, Volunteering

  • Jacky Chen | Class of 2023

    Biography: My Name is Zhangheng (Jacky). I love reading, swimming, and learning about new things. I can speak 4 languages (more on progress), and my goal is to help others succeed!

    Why Information Sciences: Information Science makes it possible for me to embrace the new technologies while thinking critically about how it would shape our society, and empower the society using information science. Since I was young, I have always been exploring what I am interested in doing. However, I could not clearly answer this question when I was filling out my college application. I could conclude that I was curious about how the world works, so I chose Global Studies as my major. As I gradually built up my understanding of the world in global studies class, I learned about the bittersweet world. I found a beautiful landscape in front of me, but I need to know more than what the textbook told me. I wanted to explore more using the Internet. I needed to learn about how to find and process information and how technology shapes the 21st century. I started to realize the power of information and the data. Information Science would be a perfect fit because it has courses about collecting and interpreting data and courses that answers my questions about how technologies change the world. In the future, I hope that I could use what I learned in Information Science to solve problems we face in our society.

    Campus Experiences & Involvement: IBM Data Science Professional Certificate, IT Support Intern for Fujian Boda Enterprise Management Consulting Co., ESL Instructor Intern with Fujian Grit Education, CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association) - Group Leader in Career Development Division, First Fuzhou Toastmasters Club - Vice President in Education, Zingzeu Fuzhouese Dialect Preservation Organization - Dictionary Project Assistant

  • James Nam | Class of 2022

    Biography: Hi! I'm a junior from the Chicago suburbs (Glenview).I'm a video game enthusiast who also enjoys building computers and playing volleyball.

    Why Information Sciences: I want to be able to use the methodical process of analyzing player data to maintain competitive integrity, and I believe the Information Sciences major is a perfect opportunity to learn the impacts of data. The pathways offered by the major align with my goal of having an impact on the creative direction of a game and solve consumer needs.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: SIGPwny & GameBuilders (Association of Computing Machinery), Asian American Association, Volunteer with Milal Mission, Tutor with Eye Level Learning, Project Member of InstaPoll, Part Time Job at Iron Age Korean Steakhouse

  • Jane Chun | Class of 2021

    Biography: I am a first-generation, Asian-American student pursuing a dual-degree in Graphic Design and Information Sciences. I am doing both because I am interested in using user data and feedback to better my design work. In my free time, I love to bake new desserts and visit new places

    Why Information Sciences: Technology use and its influence is growing at a rapid rate in the current society and I want tounderstand it better. I am very interested in the social implications it has since nowadays, not havingbasic technical skills puts one at a disadvantage in any field. I am already in a tech-based majorand while I know how to use a computer and its software to design beautiful things, I want to learnmore about the interactions and effects of technology on humanity. I also have an interest in thedata and research of technology and its users. Data and tracking are huge right now, ranging fromunderstanding user behavior and the ethical issues with tracking – both are valuable information.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Design For America, Graphic Design Assistant at Spurlock Museum, IAGE Abroad with Lorenzo de 'Medici Institute, Literary Journal of The University of the Incarnate World2020 Issue 

  • Jeremy Kim | Class of 2023

    Biography: I have always wanted to travel the world and see nature and landmarks. My dream is to work within a professional sports organization and become a statistical analyst.

    Why Information Sciences: The reasons I want to major in Information Sciences come from my STEM strength and my interest in technology. I see Information Sciences as the stepping stones of my future. I firmly believe that this major can pave the way for not only future jobs, but skills that can be applied in all different areas of life. Information Sciences collects knowledge from so many different areas of study and creates a combination of it all. I think this knowledge that extends further than just coding and math is what is going to separate me for the future.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Minority Business Students Association, Liberty in North Korea, CFC Christian Organization

  • Jerry Guo | Class of 2023

    Biography: Hello, my name is Jerry!

    Why Information Sciences: Nowadays people could stay at home and get whatever they want on their phones: food, books, games… Because of this, the form of traditional business has also been changed. Especially after the quarantine, more businesses turned online in response to the newly established in-doorpolicies. More importantly, everything mentioned above creates data, which are “gold mines” full of valuable information. This information can not only make money but also save lives In the panic of dreaded viruses. In the future, I want to be a “miner” and create value for this data-driven society.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Data Analyst Intern with Amazon, Model United Nations, Script Writer & Director with Photon Picture, Donation Initiator for Poverty-Stricken Children in Africa and China, Participant for Debate Competition with Illinois China Summit

  • Jesse Gong | Class of 2022

    Biography: I moved from Taishan, China to America at the age of 2 and have been living in Chicago ever since. Living in Chicago for many years, I've became addicted to deep dish pizza.

    Why Information Sciences: Reading up on the goals and things that would be taught in the major I knew applying for Information Science would be a big call in my career. Majoring in Information Sciences would allow me to continue my interest in Data Science due to the technical classes and non-technical classes the major provides. I believe incorporating many things from other majors into your major of interest really strengthens your understanding of your major of interest, which I believe the different pathway provides.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Course Assistant for IS 107 Data Science Discovery, Afterschool Matters Mentor at Thomas Kelly Highschool, Illini Yu-Gi-Oh, Volunteering for Chicago Marathon

  • John Gadomski | Class of 2024

    Biography: My name is John and I am from Chicago. I enjoy watching Youtube and going outdoors.

    Why Information Sciences: I have always found it easier and more enjoyable to work with numbers and math in school than anything else.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Took part in Best Buddies, Red Cross club, and played baseball and basketball during highschool.

  • Jose Ramos | Class of 2022

    Biography: I am a junior at the University of Illinois, with an interest in data science and analytics. I work with technology services while I am on campus. A few of my hobbies include playing the drums, soccer, and bike riding.

    Why Information Sciences: With time and teachings from various classes, I came to learn that information science is not a simple field to define. The truth about information science comes to a simple understanding, in which the field can be described as both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. I believe this to be one of the greatest strengths within the field and one of the most exciting traits that I know I will find in future classes and career path. The fact that one can become knowledgeable across different disciplines while working towards the same goal of understanding the relationship between people, information, and technology is something I wish to be a part of.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: College and Community Engagement Intern for Chicago Scholars, Technology Services at Illinois, Economics Club, Illinois Promise Council, Young Researchers Project with Dr. Magee

  • Joseph Cardenas | Class of 2022

    Minor in Business

    Biography: I am a rising Junior and first gen college student looking for opportunities to show my leadership qualities. Hobbies of mine include playing soccer, working/building on technology, and traveling. I was born and raised in Brighton Park, south side of Chicago while my family is from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

    Why Information Sciences: Information Science is something that I have learned to value over time and ultimately become passionate about. For instance, in high school, I found myself building computers and working with many different softwares to get my mind going. have really enjoyed the idea of working hands-on with Big Data and striving to get a company to get the latest software and hardware that they possibly can. I would also like to work with a team to be able to achieve things like security, gains, and software excellence.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: TechZone Employee, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA),  Commercial and Residential Window Cleaner with Fish Window Cleaning, Volunteering

  • Joshua B. Aladesuru | Class of 2022

    Minor in Business

    Biography: Hello, I am a rising junior hailing from the north side of Chicago. I love reading a good book, making music, and making embroidery patches. I am also an aspiring ethical hacker.

    Why Information Sciences: One thing related to Information Sciences that I got excited about is Zoom’s privacy issues. Ifirst heard about it when the platform started being widely used around the globe. Zoom usedto use a software developing kit from Facebook and because of this, Zoom sent out user’sinformation such as, when the user opened the app, their city, timezone, and device details toFacebook. I certainly intend to further explore the boundaries of the Information Sciences major, outside of just cybersecurity. I hope to gain various skills such as technical writing, projectmanagement, and creativity to create real-world business solutions, as they are significant inbecoming a well-rounded ethical hacker.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: African Cultural Association Executive Board Member, Internship with AnthroPod VR, Parking & Transportation Ambassador for the Chicago Cubs, Cyber Security Apprentice at Evolve Security Academy, Computer Programming Internship with Chicago Public Schools & the City of Chicago, Cyber Security Boot Camp, Camp Counselor

  • Joshua Donenberg | Class of 2022

    Biography: I enjoy playing and watching basketball, playing with my dog and I also like playing video games and learning about computers. I am from the Chicago suburbs (Highland Park) and have lived in the freezing cold Illinois my entire life while my parents were born in South Africa.

    Why Information Sciences: I joined the IS major because I saw it as the perfect chance to learn how I can use technology to help build a better future for all people. I am intrigued with how businesses can make smarter decisions through the conversion of data into information and then execution into actions and by joining this major I hope to learn how Information Science plays a critical role here. I am looking for opportunities where my work is fulfilling and impactful.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: QA Specialist - UX Design - SEO Marketing Internship with Synapse PDI, Tech Support Specialist with Illinois, Real Estate Analyst - Website Admin - Intern with New Era Chicago, Cloud & Data Management Intern - Counselor - Volunteer with Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care, Tech Support Specialist with Illinois

  • Joshua Min | Class of 2023

    Why Information Sciences: I see an Information Sciences major contributing toward my career goals by teaching me howto use code, analyze data, manage the information I have or any projects I may have, andhow to interact with people on a higher level. Teaching me the technical and non-technicalskills I will be needing in my career. I recently got excited about learning how Information Sciences can be applied to almost anyfield and how my options aren't limited because of the major I want. Also, I am excited aboutbeing able to learn how to become a person who can unlock the potential power ofinformation.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Community Involvement with Church, Breadsmith - Production / Distributor / Coordinator

  • Kaylin Hsiao | Class of 2023

    Why Information Sciences: Something about information sciences that I recently got excited about was the realization that information really is everywhere. In taking the IS 101 course over the summer, I learned that information does not mean just the stuff in a textbook like I first thought, information is any knowledge that is passed around and can be learned from; this includes images/videos being posted and reposted on social media. Because information can be seen anywhere, this further supports the fact that information sciences is so interdisciplinary.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Internship with The Children's Heart Foundation, Illini Fighting Hunger, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Engineering Student Alumni Ambassador

  • Keerthi Rayasam | Class of 2022

    Biography: I'm so excited to officially be an iSchool student! I can't wait to make use of the amazing iSchool resources and shape my future.

    Why Information Sciences: The Information Sciences major would provide me with the opportunity to combine my interests in multiple disciplines such as art and design, and data science/analysis, with technology. I love that the IS major gives students this opportunity of choosing courses from different parts of the knowledge spectrum and applying them together to satisfy their own unique interests! Further, I believe that in recent years, human-centered thinking and innovation has gained importance and I am excited that this is one of the pathways within the Information Sciences major.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Women in Economics Club, Indian Student Association, UX/UI Reading Club, Data Science Club, Research with Dr. Twidale & Siebel Center for Design

  • Khushi Jain | Class of 2024

    Biography: Khushi Jain is a freshman undergraduate student at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, where she is currently studying Information Sciences. She has lived in 3 different countries and can speak in 3 languages. Passionate about arts and her cultural heritage, she has been training in Indian classical dance and music for the past 8 years. Merging her passion for technology and music, she dreams of creating a non-profit educational organization that leverages special online tools for teaching students diverse styles of music.

    Why Information Sciences: Our world revolves around data and I believe that learning how to efficiently collect, manipulate, store, retrieve, and protect it will better prepare me for the IT industry, which is why I chose this major. I was also attracted to the human aspect/social perspective that the ischool integrates into the curriculum.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Trained in Indian classical music (singing) and dance for 8 years, completed a Bachelor's degree in Indian classical vocal music, started GEMS(Girls in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science) club at my high school and was co-president, part of the Varsity Science Olympiad team for four years, created a Covid 19 information app as a part of Computer Science class, volunteered at Edward hospital as a guest service associate for 6 months, volunteered as a teacher/assistant at Kumon Math and Reading Center, attended GenCyber camp: 1 week cyber security camp at College of Dupage, part of Student Counts: math tutoring club in high school, played the flute in Band (high school) throughout middle school up till Sophomore year, part of Robotics club senior year, part of BPA(Business Proffessionals of America) sophomore year, part of Badminton and Cross Country team freshman 

  • Luke Enamo | Class of 2023

    Biography: My name is Luke Emano and I am an Evans Scholar here at UIUC. I love meeting new people, trying new things, and I strive to be the best person I can be. I'm beyond excited to be a part of the iSchool here at Illinois and I'm so eager to discover what's to come in my academic career!

  • Mateo Strainis | Class of 2024

    Biography: I am an avid sports lover and plan to work in that sector after school. In addition to sports, I spend a lot of my free time working out and researching new ways to create sports analytical programs.

    Why Information Sciences: I plan on a future in statistics specifically in sports or the financial sector, IS was the perfect major for me. When I found out Illinois offered it and was a top program I jumped right on it. I love the concept of combining computers and numbers into one major.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: I was involved in Model United Nations in high school and really enjoyed that. I also spent a lot of time creating different sports statistics programs during high school and even completed a year long capstone centering around analytics in sports.

  • Matthew Filipovic | Class of 2022

    Biography: Hi! I'm a junior a UIUC and I'm excited to be a part of the new iSchool information science program. I can't wait to see what new experiences the iSchool can provide for me!

  • Matthew Wong | Class of 2023

    Dual Degree with Business

    Biography: Hi, my name is Matthew Wong and I am from Chicago, Illinois. I am planning on double majoring in business and information science. I grew up playing baseball and chess and played both up until my senior year of college. While on campus, I enjoy working out, meeting new people, and going out with my friends.

    Why Information Sciences: Information Sciences is a field that will allow me to pursue my interest in math, analyze data, and be part of the sports world simultaneously. Companies such as Chyronhego and Krossover are two companies that are focused on data analytics in sports, which is the career I am interested in pursuing that helped me discover the field of Information Sciences. These companies have made significant contributions to data analytics on how information is analyzed in sports. Over the years, my interest and knowledge in sports has grown, expanding my understanding of statistics, which has naturally inspired me to learn more about Information Sciences.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: American Marketing Association (MyTyde Project), John Hopkins COVID-19 Course, Evanston Country Club Caddie, Mee Mah Restaurant Part Time Job, Social Fraternity, Asian American Associaion, Minority Business Student Association

  • Michael Torres | Class of 2022

    Biography: My name is Michael Torres and I am from the northside of Chicago. I am junior looking forward to working in the field of Information Sciences and meeting the rest of my peers in the iSchool. I enjoy hanging out with friends, attending concerts, and running.

    Why Information Sciences: Although I was heavily engaged with technology early on, my passion was ignited in high school. My information technology course was introduced with an online program called Scratch by MIT, and through this, I was able to create beautiful stories that fascinated my peers and teachers. Since then, I became obsessed with the idea of working with technology to create useful tools and beautiful pieces of art. Eventually, I was able to explore the world of the HTML trifecta and again, was extremely fascinated about how engaged I was with my work. Just like my first engagement, I could not get enough of the process of using technology to engage, entertain, and educate my audiences. I then started to realize the pattern in what I was passionate about: I loved to work behind the scenes in order to tell a story, more specifically,to create platforms where I was able to spread information.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Social Fraternity, TRIO SSS Mentee, Volunteering with the Episcopal Church – Nuestra Señora De Las Americas