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  • IGlobal: Teaching Middle-Schoolers About World Hunger

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Comments Nov 3, 2021 10:59 am

Hi Cara! I loved reading your post. I agree that we are so lucky to have access to not only lead this program, but to learn from this program as well. Since we started the actual meetings 2 weeks ago, it has already proven to be a success. Each middle school student is very involved, engaged, and enthusiastic about being a part of the I Global club, which is amazing to see. Although we have not gotten into much content yet, the students already seem well-educated about the Sustainable Development Goals that we are going to focus on. I remember signing off the first meeting and being in such a state of shock. Shock of how smart these middle school students were about these topics, as well as shock of how willing the students are to participate and give their cultural perspectives. I can conclude that each student has so much knowledge to share with their peers and the leaders. I am beyond excited to continue working with these middle school students from all around the world!

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