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  • Policy Brief: Closing the Education Gap for Indigenous Peoples by Adriene Lane, M.Ed.

    “Indigenous Peoples have less access to quality primary and secondary education than other groups, due to the lack of education that respects their cultures and languages. Minority languages, which are spoken by Indigenous Peoples, are often not used for official purposes, including in education. Students whose home languages differ from those taught at school have lower test results and reading scores. Early mother tongue education improves students' performance in their second language and other subjects, and is more cost-effective than second language instruction.” - Adriene Lane.

    To view the full Policy Brief by Adriene Lane, click here.

  • University of Illinois’ CGS and CEAPS partner with Heartland to globalize education on campus by Zach Petrea, July 2023

  • Surveying the Coming Storm: Works on Nationalism Prior to WWII

    With the benefit of hindsight, modern scholars can identify unbridled nationalism as a leading cause of World War II. However, it is crucial to explore whether scholars of the time foresaw the impending storm caused by nationalist movements in the first half of the 20th century and if they could have predicted the grave, mass-scale atrocities that unfolded. To shed light on the perspectives of scholars from a century ago, the IAS library has curated a Hathi Trust collection titled "Surveying the Coming Storm: Works on Nationalism Prior to WWII."

  • Successful Global Intersections Spring Project Awardees

  • CGS Congratulates its Affiliates and Recipients of LAS Dean’s Awards and Faculty Honors


  • Impressive Illinois presence at the CIES Conference in Washington D.C. in February

    At the CIES Conference in Washington D.C. in February.

  • 15th Annual Meeting of the Illinois Language and Linguistics Society

    Upcoming submission deadline for 15th Annual Conference of the ILLS

  • Congratulations to “The Chancellor’s Call to Action to Address Racism & Social Injustice Research Program” Awards Recipients

    The Center for Global Studies (CGS) congratulates Steve Witt, Director of CGS, CGS Faculty Affiliates Faranak Miraftab, Annie Abbott, Scott Althaus, Melissa Goodnight, Barbara Hug, Ellen Moodie, and Ken Salo, and former CGS Graduate Assistant Vinisha Singh Basnet, for receiving the 2022-2023 Chancellor Jones Call to Action Research Program awards.

  • Highlighting Teaching Excellence at the Faculty Retreat

    Each year UIUC holds a faculty retreat to promote teaching excellence, and awards faculty retreat grants that enable recipients to design and implement an instructional enhancement that has a high probability of improving education at Illinois. The theme of the 2022 annual faculty retreat was “Breaking Down the Garden Walls: A Promise of Access to Success.” The retreat highlighted the practices and approaches implemented by faculty across campus as they work towards a campus culture that fosters student success.  At the retreat, CGS Associate Director Donna Tonini caught up with CGS Affiliates Professor Eman Saadah, Director of the Less Commonly Taught Languages Program and Director and Language Coordinator of Arabic, and Professor Raquel Castro Goebel, the Portuguese Language Program Director, and an instructor in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese.