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  • Some Thoughts on Assessing Intercultural Competence

Comments Dec 5, 2015 1:23 pm

I agree. ICC assessment needs to have multi-method and multi-perspectives. People may be strong in some intercultural communications and behaviors, but may lack of competence in others. ICC assessment is hard, but ICC development is harder. It involves teachers to be competent with various educational backgrounds such as teaching and learning, counselling, and psychology. As we aim to build our students to become a global citizen, we, as teachers, should be strict and even harsh to ourselves first to increase our capability for educating next generations. 

Reply to at 1:23 pm Jan 24, 2018 4:42 pm

Nice piece, Darla! In particular, I agree whole heartedly with your fourth point (that "intercultural competence assessment must involve a multi-method, multi-perspective approach that is focused more on the process of intercultural competence than on an end result"). It seems that assessment of intercultural competence in higher education usually focses on summative approaches, and doesn't incorporate formative approaches often enough. You also mention a lack of "best practices." I don't necessarily claim they are best practices, but I've recently written a blog post that discusses the need to incorporate more formative assessment into our intercultural programs, and offers some practical suggestions for how to do so.  You can read that post at


Tara Harvey

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