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  • In Search of a Standard of Quality

Comments Mar 22, 2011 9:11 pm

Two items to reinforce about the DQP: (1) While somewhat muted in the final text, whatever version of this competency-based set of criteria for degree performance is adopted becomes a requirement for actually awarding a degree, i.e. it's got teeth. That's what is truly transformational about the undertaking. Peter, I know, would agree: with this third leg (in addition to credits, majors and grades) of criteria for awarding a credential will, in time, become more powerful than the other legs. (2) The DQP is not so much a document as a process. It invites close analysis, variations, additions appropriate to institutional distinctiveness/mission, and the development of a system that validates and records student attainment on each of the set of competencies ultimately adopted. Already, in open forum feedback sessions at major conventions and more minor meetings, the academic community has demonstrated considerable thoughtfulness, creativity, and support for this effort. You will see some major grants for adaptation and exploration next month, and more by fall. Give it some years, and it will be the only game in town.---Cliff Adelman, Institute for Higher Education Policy.

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Great stuff. I am always very careful as I lead assessment to have legitimate concern for academic freedom and etc., but I actually believe in the DQP. I have strong feelings, concerns about our education system on many levels (globally speaking in the US), and I believe that we should be offering the most valuable, truthful education to our students. Academics always gloats about the dinosaur mentality and I think it is time to stop the nonsense and get the US back in the rankings that reflect an educational institution that we can be proud of handing off to our next generation who will run this world. Notice I said world because this is a new time, an amazingly global/ technical historical time in which learners will need to have the skills, knowledge and street smarts to be productive members of society. There should be no fear about transparency. It should be an opportunity to celebrate, a cause to sharpen the sword and a wakeup call for our country to stop the baby steps of discussion and take some huge, energetic steps toward quickly revamping what we offer as education to our citizens. Its not a personal issue. But, it is a personal responsibility and I personally and professionally would see a process such as the DQP as a leap in the right direction. Maureen Erickson- Asst Professor and Director of Assessment

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