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  • Courses.LAS Retirement

    The old moodle service at the address will be retired on 8/14/2013 at approximately 10:00AM. The service will be unreachable for approximately two weeks and then it will come back up in read-only mode. This means that instructors and students will be able to access past course material, but will not be able to make any changes.

    Please note that this action will have no affect on the current Moodle service at If you have any questions about this message or anything else, please send a message to

    Geoff Brewster

    Moodle Service Manger

  • PPSB Network Outage: All Clear

    The network at the PPSB Datacenter has been fixed.  There was no outages during today's maintenance.  If you notice anything not working properly, please send a note to

  • PPSB Network Outage: Sunday, Aug 11 2013, 5:00 AM - 10:00AM

    What: PPSB Network Outage
    When: Sunday, August 11th from 5am – 10am

    Summary: CITES needs to fix the network at the PPSB Datacenter this Sunday, August 11th starting at 5am and ending by 10am. During this time ATLAS Infrastructure will be onsite with CITES to make sure all ATLAS services recover gracefully after the outage. A full list of affected services are below:

    All status events will be posted to (you are encouraged to subscribe to this page, scroll to the bottom of the page)

    Services affected:

    * ARW (atlas-web, atlas-apps, atlas-data)
    ** Web/app
    ** reporting

    * TLT
    ** Moodle
    ** Lon Capa

    * Digital Media
    ** ensemble
    ** stormore 1
    ** stormore 2

    * Math
    ** Files
    ** Other VMs

    * ATLAS
    ** ATLAS VPN

    * Thin Clients

    * Psych
    ** Email/mailing lists
    ** Other Services

    * Study Abroad
    ** Terra Dotta

    * Stats
    ** Research VM

    * IEI
    ** Terra Dotta

    * CIGI
    ** VMware

  • 11/19/2012 - Scheduled Maintenance

    The LAS Courses Moodle service may be down from approximately 5:00AM to 8:00AM on Monday, November 19th for maintenance. We are addressing some of the performance issues Moodle has been having over the past few week.


  • Thursday, June 21st

    1:24PM came back up at 1:21PM. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

  • Thursday, June 21st (2)

    1:12 PM has been down since about 12:30PM. We are working on getting it back up. Update will be provided.