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  • Learn@illinois Moodle Service Outage

    Users of the Learn@Illinois Moodle service may have had diffficulty accessing the service from approximately 3:46 PM to about 4:20 PM today, Wednesday, August 24. The ATLAS team is investigating the issue and is taking steps to prevent future issues. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

  • Learn@illinois Not Responding - Resolved

    Our Learn@Illinois server is back up. There was a slight server configuration problem that caused the server to not respond. We have fixed that problem and have put in safeguards to not allow the problem to happen again.


    Currently, our Learn@Illinois service is not responding. We are working on the issue and will get it going again ASAP.

  • Learn@Illinois is down

    The Learn@Illinois service appears to be down at the moment. We are aware and we are working on it.



    Learn@illinois was down from about 11:22AM to 11:27AM on Wednesday, December 10. The problem appears to have been a network issue with one of our data centers. We are working on pinning down the exact cause in order to prevent any further problems. Please contact us via our support page at if you have any questions.

  • Learn@Illinois login issues

    We are having trouble with the Learn@Illinois Moodle service. Users are currently unable to login. We are working at finding a solution as quickly as possible.


    Update: The login problem that was taking place earlier has been resolved.

    If you are still having trouble logging in, please restart your browser

  • Learn@Illinois down earlier due to Campus Network Issue

    Learn@illinois experienced downtime between about 15:08 and 15:26 on the afternoon of 4/4/2014. This was due to a UIUC-wide networ problem. More information can be found on the CITES status page

  • Learn@Illinois service restored

    The Learn@Illinois service has been restored. Rest assured that no data was lost during this outage. Thank you for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience. (12:53 PM - 8/19/2013)

  • Learn@Illinois down

    Learn@Illinois is not responding at the moment. We are aware and are working on the issue. (11:51 AM - 8/19/2013)

  • CITES Network Outage

    Over the weekend the campus experienced a network connectivity problem that interfered with users' ability to connect to several campus services. The campus network is the responsibility of CITES.

    The Moodle service at Learn.illinois was one of the services affected by the CITES network outage. The result was that even though the Moodle service was running during this time, users were unable to connect to the service. Please rest assured that no Moodle data was lost during this interruption. This was a problem with the network connectivity, not with the servers that run Moodle.

    The issue was corrected by about 1:00PM on Saturday afternoon.

    For more information about the network connectivity problem, please contact CITES.

  • Moodle Back up

    Moodle came back up at approximately 10:00 AM. We will provide more details later. 

  • Moodle Down at about 9:45

    We are experiencing some problems with Moodle at the moment; our infrastructure team is working on the problem.

  • learn.illinois is back up

    At approximately 2:40PM learn.illinois is back in business. Sorry for the interrupton.

  • learn.illinois is down

    At approximately 2:06 PM on 1/10/13 we received a report that learn.illinois is not responding. We are working to take care of the problem.

  • Learn.illinois is back up

    learn.illinois came back up at approximately 1:47PM on Monday, December 3rd 2012. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

  • Learn.illinois down is down due to a server crash. The downtime started approximately 1:38PM on Monday, December 3rd 2012. We are working on getting the service restored.

  • Thursday, June 21st

    1:24PM came back up at 1:21PM. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

  • Thursday, June 21st (2)

    1:12 PM has been down since about 12:30PM. We are working on getting it back up. Update will be provided.