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  • How to Discuss Vaccines in a Classroom

    In light of the measles outbreak in California and the Southwest, are you wondering what role, if any, schools can play in teaching students about vaccines?  Here are a few resources including lesson plans about the science of vaccines, infectious diseases, and modeling an outbreak.


  • BioBlitz

    It's BioBlitz weekend!  Whether or not there's an organized BioBlitz in your area, spring is a good time to take stock of the biodiversity in your own yard or neighborhood. If you happen to find yourself on spring break, like most of the students in Central Illinois, it’s a great time to get the kids outdoors and digging in the dirt.

  • How a Flu Season Activity + Dutch Elm Disease = NGSS

    The cross-cutting concepts of the NGSS encourage teachers to help their students draw connections – between areas of science, seemingly unrelated concepts, to the students’ lives, etc. Disease transmission seems like an easy way of doing this – let’s connect the human immune system to Dutch Elm Disease via Patterns; Cause and Effect: Mechanism and Explanation; Scales, Proportions and Quantity; Structure and Function; and Stability and Change.

  • Happy π Day

    One of the oddest, albeit most delicious, mathematics education constructs is the celebration of Pi Day. Pi Day is a newish holiday, started by San Francisco’s Exploratorium 25 years ago. Also Einstein’s birthday, Pi Day is cause for math teachers to come to school with stacks of pies for their students, and for science museums to engage their attendees in all manner of revelry.