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  • Volunteer for Make More Music!

    Make More Music! is an after school collaboration between Urbana Middle School fifth and sixth grade band and orchestra students and the University of Illinois School of Music. UIUC students serve as mentors and provide resources which supplement students’ classroom musical experiences. The program takes place on Wednesday afternoons at Urbana Middle School for one hour. Material covered in Make More Music! is developed through collaboration between students, volunteers, and Urbana Middle School teachers. To volunteer contact Dr. Jancie Philippus.

  • Community of Care and Students of Concern

    We know that your university experience will be stressful at times, and we believe that seeking help when you need it is a sign of strength. This announcement includes several resources you may need during your time at the University of Illinois.

    Community of Care website  This site was launched in Fall 2017 and is intended to be a one-stop-shop for information about campus and (some) community resources. 

    Here are also some direct links:

    Please know that for anything after-hours, the Emergency Dean ( is also a resource and can be reached 5pm-8:30am during the week, and 24 hours per day on the weekends and all days the university is closed.  Please don’t hesitate to call and consult if you’re concerned about someone. And all of us in the School of Music remain resources at your disposal as well.

    Dr. Jeffrey Magee, Director
    Dr. Linda Moorhouse, Associate Director
    Dr. Christina Bashford, Director of Graduate Studies
    Rebecca Spennetta, Undergraduate Academic Advisor
    Gina Moton, Human Resources Specialist