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Actuarial Science @ Illinois
Updates and announcements from the Actuarial Science Program at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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  • AGED 380 Leadership in Groups/Teams open seats

    Another amazing course for actuaries in Spring semester! Are you interested in leading other groups of students?  Are your engaged in collaborative group projects in your classes?  AGED 380 – Leadership in Groups and Teams is a course open to all students, sophomore and above, this spring semester. 

  • Summer Intensive Language Classes

    Annual intensive language program during summer time. Please click for more details!

  • Spring MACS Bond class

    A big fan of James Bond? Here's a new MACS class which can change your life. 

  • Advertising a Course for Spring 2018

    We have a course related with Harry Potter in the spring! Please read the post for more details!

  • Openings in EPSY203 Social Issues Group Dialogue courses

    New 1-credit second 8-week amazing class about social issues!

  • Exploring HR/ LER info session

    Explore a career in Human Resources and learn more about our master program!

  • Interesting and Practical 2nd 8-wk Course

    For students interested in practical 2nd 8-week course!

  • Winter Session 2017-2018

    Check out the online winter courses and opportunities that Winter Session brings!

  • New FAA Course Coming Spring 2018-Choreographing Leadership

    Very interesting course for aspiring actuaries.  Being a leader is more than just being really smart and well-trained.  This course will help you develop the skills to be the best leader you can be.

  • Fall 2017 Second Eight Week Course, FSHN 199 Introduction to Fermentation

    Want to learn more about food ingredients? Curious about food production? Dr. Michael Miller is offering a 2 credit hour, Fall 2017 2nd eight weeks course titled “Introduction to Fermentation”!

  • ECON Tutoring Center

    Need help for ECON Courses? ECON Tutoring Center is open now! Come and seek for help.

  • PRE-ENGINEERING Information sessions begin this week

    If you have thoughts of transferring to the College of Engineering, please read this post carefully.

  • LAS Global Markets and Society Minor

    Applications for the College of Liberal Arts and Science Minor in Global Markets & Society are open!

  • A fun course in summer: Japanese Culture

    See inside for details about an interesting class that takes a look into Japanese culture. 

  • Course on press coverage in the Middle East

    The topic of the Middle East is a booming one. If you think you'd like to become more educated on the region as a whole, here is a great class that delves into the topic! 

  • Econ Proficiency Exams

    Think you know enough about Econ? Check out what you can do to test out of those courses and get credit! Information inside. 

  • GLBL 100: Introduction to Global Studies Online in Summer

    GLBL 100: Introduction to Global Studies will be offered online during summer. The course is a western comparative and social science gen-ed. A promotional flier is attached.

  • PHYS 150 - Great class for Non-Majors! Physics for Future Leaders (a.k.a…..Physics of Societal Issues)

    Another announcement about this physics course that is great for non-majors. Be sure to check it out to see if this course would work for you! 

  • Psychology Minor now available

    Here is some information about pursuing a minor in Psychology. All you need to know about getting into the program and what to do is inside. 

  • New Communication course, Global Business and Digital Communication

    Communications is a very vital part of a corporation. Learning about the structure of a communications network as it pertains to a business structure could be very helpful to learn! 

  • Global Studies Courses Open to Non-Majors

    The Global Studies team would like to inform you of a bunch of course offerings starting this Fall for non-majors. Take a look at all of them to see if anything catches your eye. 

  • Fall 2017 Art+Design Open Courses

    Everyone's gotta take something other than a math class at some point. Why not branch out and take one of the many interesting art classes that the school is offering next semester? Take a look inside.. 

  • RST CLASSES AVAILABLE (Recreation, Sport and Tourism)

    If you are looking for a fun class to fill in some hours in your schedule, there are still some great classes still open in the RST Department! 

  • GEOL 100 Online - Great Summer Course!

    Here is a great course you can take over the summer that looks very interesting and fun! 

  • ANSC 110: Life with Animals and Biotechnology

    If you are still looking to find a course to fill your Life Science Gen Ed, here is a good one that is open to all majors for next semester! 

  • Registration Restrictions for FIN, CS, and STAT Courses

    For those of you that are still looking into registration for FIN, CS, and STAT classes, these resources update how many seats are available and other registration information for each course in each department. Hopefully these resources clear up any confusion! 

  • New special topics section

    GLBL 499: How the Media Portray the U.S. in the Arab World is now being offered next semester. Seems like a very informative and interesting class so take a look if you have room in your schedule!

  • Fall 2017 registration: pending sections

    This post contains an announcement from the Statistics Department concerning pending courses that may or may not be offered. Very important information so please see the contents of posts for more details. 

  • Great Courses for Great Students - Major Restrictions Lifted on PS 301!

    Here are a bunch of courses that the Political Science Department is offering next semester that you may be interested in adding to your schedule...

  • Study Abroad Info Session Flyer

    Hello All, 

    Attached is a flyer about Study Abroad Information about the Spanish Programs offered at the school. If you think that you are interested in studying abroad, definitely check this out to get more information on this particular program. 

  • LAS 199: Professional Development Seminar (last 4 weeks of spring and 7 weeks in the summer)

    Here is a new course intended to help students prepare for summer internships, jobs, and service learnings. Looks like a very good prep course so be sure to try and fit it in your schedule!

  • Explore HR/ LER info session

    If you think that you would be interested in hearing and learning about opportunities in Human Resources and Labor Relations, there is an info session coming up that is going to give you everything you need to know! 

  • FSHN 120, Contemporary Nutrition, Summer 2017

    Trying to get some credit hours out of the way? Here is a good course that you can take which may also provide some value as well. 

  • New Journ class open to all

    Journ 460, Women in Journalism is a new class offered by their department starting next fall. Sound intersting? More details about the class inside..

  • PHYS 150 - Great class for Non-Majors! Physics for Future Leaders (a.k.a…..Physics of Societal Issues)

    Interesting course for those of you looking for extra courses. 

  • Great Courses for Great Students

    Here is an interesting new course offering of Political Science 244, "Politics of National Parks". Looks like a fascinating elective that could be a nice diversion class. Details in link.

  • Computer Science registration information

    Computer Science courses are becoming ever more important in the lives of actuaries. This site gives more information on what courses you may register for and the restrictions for them. 

  • The Department of English Course Showcase & Sociology Fall Course Fair

     Are you looking for an interesting class that doesn't have to do with math or finance? Look no further as the English and Sociology course fairs provide students an opportunity to add courses of many different kinds! More details inside.

  • MBA, LAW, LER and EUC Joint Degree Oppotunities

    MBA, LAW, LER and EUC will be hosting an information session on Monday, March 13 from 6:00-7:00 pm at 2043 BIF to talk about joint degree opportunities. Please share with your students and colleagues.

    Food will be provided.

  • Open Sections for EPSY203

    There are several open sections for this class that the deparment would like to notify students about. If you are interested in picking up another class along the way this semester, course information is provided inside!

  • Info Sessions

    Here are a couple of information sessions on some interesting major and minors such as criminology, sociology, and several others. More information inside if you'd like to further diversify your academic career. 

  • Minor in Global Markets and Society: Application period extended

    Hello everyone, 

    The application period for applying for the minor has been extended until Monday, March 6th at 5pm. Not to worry if you haven't applied yet, there is still time! 


  • Final Reminder: Application period for Minor in Global Markets and Society

    Hello everyone, 

    This is the final reminder of the application cycle for admission into the Minor in Global Markets and Society. If you're interested in this valuable minor opportunity, go ahead and apply through the link provided. 

  • EPSY203 second-eight week courses open for enrollment

    Hello everyone, 

    EPSY 203: Social Issues Group Dialogues is now open for enrollment. Definitely looks like an interesting course, go ahead and take a look for more details. 

  • Reminder: Application period for Minor in Global Markets and Society (March 1st deadline)

    As a reminder, applications for the Minor in Global Markets & Society are currently being accepted. The spring admission cycle will be closing on March 1st so if you believe that this is a suitable opportunity for you, the deadline is fast approaching!

  • Application period for Minor in Global Markets and Society

    Hello everyone!

    Applications for the Minor in Global Markets & Society are currently being accepted. The spring admission cycle will close on March 1st. Follow the post link for more details. 

  • 2nd 8-Week Gen ed: GCL 148

    GCL 148, Historical Perspectives on Social Justice still has seats available. This class fulfills the gen ed requirements for historical and philosophical perspectives in a second eight week format. Great chance to get a gen ed out of the way through a very interesting topic! 

  • MS Financial Engineering Information Sessions

    Anyone visiting this site is a numbers oriented person, but if you think becoming an actuary isn't for you, getting an MS in Financial Engineering is a fantastic route to take. The University currently has a budding program that would be good for anyone looking to enter that sector of the financial world. 

  • Upcoming Graduate Program Application Deadlines

    Hello Everyone! 

    This is a reminder as the spring semester is off to a swift start that there are deadlines coming up quickly for graduate programs here at U of I. If you are thinking of getting your MS, check and see when you need to apply by. 

  • Entrepreneurship Courses

    The Entrepreneurship Roundtable's Curriculum Committee is building a master list of courses on campus that have an entrepreneurial component. Go ahead and view the link if you are interested in honing your entrepreneurial skills with these classes!