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  • What are web design standards?

    Web design standards are a set of specifications for a University of Illinois website that indicate what is needed to adhere to the brand.

  • Where are you in the process of creating Web Design Standards?

    Web design standards are undergoing iterative research and design stages. Our goal is to arrive at a definitive campus specification that will describe what it means for a University of Illinois Website to be on brand.

  • Should I wait for Web Design Standards before continuing on a current project?

    Brand standards are under development and while you might want to wait on making substantial visual/identity updates, we encourage you to continue as needed toward maintaining your websites.

  • Who is working on Web Design Standards?

    Web Design Standards are a facet of the brand, which is currently under development by the Office of Strategic Marketing and Branding in cooperation with the Illinois Web Advisory Group.

  • What about the web?

    UPDATEDFor the web, there is no additional requirement at this time. You may use your unit wordmark if you choose, however there will be a separate update for web design standards to follow. Read more

  • What more is in the works for the Illinois brand?

    The Brand Architecture system is a piece to a larger identity system that guides all aspects of marketing and communications, from who we are and how we present ourselves, to how we talk about ourselves and how we engage our audiences. Read more

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