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Trademarks (TM)

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  • Local licensed vendors

    A list of area vendors that are current university trademark licensees

  • How can RSOs use university logos on merchandise?

    Keep in mind that any student, student campus group, registered student organization, or sports club is prohibited from using the university seal or campus logos on letterheads, business cards or other identifying materials.

  • What are the university trademarks?

    The University of Illinois trademark is any mark, word, letter, or symbol associated with the university that can be distinguished from those of other universities, teams or organizations.

  • Products/Merchandise created by external vendors

    The Trademark and Licensing Office requires that only licensed manufacturers are used to produce items with the name, mark, or symbols of the University of Illinois.

  • How can RSOs use the university's name?

    Student groups may not use the name in a manner that in any way would constitute an endorsement, approval or underwriting of any organization, product, activity, service, or contract by the University of Illinois.

  • Getting approval to use university trademarks (TM)

    Prior written approval is needed for students, campus groups, registered student organizations, or sports clubs from the Trademark and Licensing Office for use of the university name or marks for anything other than official university business.

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