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  • accurdate field status over phone and online

    The turf soccer fields at 1st & Stadium, the indoor soccer courts at ARC & CRCE are sometimes not available to students due to special events/reservations. This information should be available on the website. What's bad though, is that currently, when I call to check, the staff sometimes don't even have the information or know how to get it.

  • Adventure Recreation/Climbing Wall

  • Any recreation facilities north of Green Street?

    I've been looking around for some time for a place to work out north of Green Street. I'm not looking for much, some treadmills, some orbitals, some locker rooms with showers, and even some free weights would be nice too. Are there ANY facilities north of Green Street? Are there any plans to add some?

    I work on the north end of campus and working out at CRCE or ARC is a 2 hour process due to travel times. 

    I remember that Kenney Gym used to have a workout room, but I can't find any information about whether or not it is still open to rec members.

  • Aquatics

  • ARC Cardio Area machine suggestion

    I'd like to suggest a HIP AB/AD machine on the top level of ARC in the Cardio/Weight area.

  • ARC court floors need attention

    Minor complaint: The basketball courts are really dusty and therefore slippery. I thought maybe it was just the one set of courts but it's all of them. I realize it's probably because it's winter and there's a lot of salt and things being tracked in by people who don't bring their basketball shoes separate, but it's still really annoying to play on your courts. How am I supposed to break someone's ankles if I cant hit a proper crossover because I'm sliding around? It's also obviously a safety problem if the courts are slippery. Would it be too much to ask to just have someone go up and down the courts with a broom, maybe in the afternoon sometime just to refresh the courts? If you could look into this it would be greatly appreciated by everyone who plays basketball at the ARC.

  • ARC/ CRCE Court Reservations

    I would like to suggest that the ARC and CRCE allow costumers to reserve sport courts online (i.e. racquetball, volleyball, indoor soccer) to allow us to see when the courts are reserved and make the process more convenient and easy for both you and costumers.

  • ARC elipiticals


    Hi! I noticed that over the past few weeks(?) many of the elipticals on the 1st floor of ARC has been replaced with newer versions of Precor. While the new Precors are nice, I really miss the "book stands" on the old Precors.

    The older version had a ledge on the control pad, which makes it easy to mount books, notes, and even computers to entertain me while on the elipticals. The new version has a sleek design but doesn't leave room for mounting anything other than watching the built-in TV program.

    Now I have to fight for the few  Precor EFX 576i up stairs so I can have a stand. Can we please keep some of the Precors that have ledges? 




  • ARC Indoor Pool Temperature

    The water temperature at ARC indoor pool is and has been below the specified 80 degree F.

  • ARC MP4

    The noise is very loud and hurts peoples ears in the Blown out speakers in room MP4 at ARC. The group fitness instructors are hard to hear and the music is annoying coming out of several speakers in the room. It is on the right side of the room as you walk in. I believe in the second row from the square JBL speakers. It has been this way for at least 2 months. They should either disconnect the speaker that isn't working or you would think with all the extra money you receive from group fitness passes, that you could afford to replace the speaker. There have been several people complaining about it and I have personally seen 2 people leave that were nearby complaining it was hurting their ears and the GF instructor is put at a disadvantage because they are not able to adjust it. I would hope that there is a work order in place and in the time being it should be disconnected. 

  • ARC Pool Hours

    Is there an open swim schedule for the ARC indoor pool? I wanted to swim for a while following a water aerobics class yesterday, but was told that the non-lap area of the pool was closed. This was at 6:30pm. According to the website, the pool was open until 10pm. I'm new to the facility, so perhaps I missed something? 

  • ARC Rowing Machines

    Last Thursday, I informed the staff at the ARC that the rowing machines on the top floor of the ARC had been put together incorrectly (the seats are attached to the tracks backwards). 

    As of last night (Monday), the seats had still to be fixed. I rowed last night anyway with the improperly positioned seat and have a nice big blister on my backside today as a result. It takes 1 screwdriver (flathead) and about 2 minutes to do each one. 

    Please do this today. It takes nearly 0 manpower/effort/should have never happened in the first place. 


  • ARC swimming pool-cockroach

    Cockroach in the pool!

  • Availability of Silver Sneaker Program

    Many of the retirees using DCR programs are members of the Silver Sneaker Program which provides free or reduced cost access to fitness facilities in the community.  Will this benefit be available for DCR programs?

  • Bad Water Filter Status

    I noticed a few weeks ago that the water filter status light on both water fountains that I use to fill up my water bottle turned to yellow. (First floor on the right when you walk in after swiping I-card then second floor by bathrooms) Then a few days later they were red. I told Member Services that the filter needed to be changed. A few days later, the filters were still red. I was there yesterday and there was a sticker over the filter status lights. I peeled the sticker off and the light was red underneath. They really need to change the filter instead of covering it up. 

  • basketballs

    I have disappointed in the amount of basketballs available to check out at ARC. One of the advantages of having a facility like ARC is that it has a number of basketball courts available for use in different activities. Yet, recently there have been no basketballs available despite there being a number of empty courts. Of course, on some occasions, the fault is of those people who check out many basketballs and then meet up to play one game, where these balls are then unnecessary. However, on my most recent visit, this did not appear to be the significant problem. It seems to me that there are simply not enough basketballs to accommodate the number of courts available. Is there any plan to acquire more basketballs for check out?

  • BodyPump "Full-Class" Policy

    The "class is full" policy used to restrict access to BodyPump and other Les Mills classes is outrageous and unacceptable. Its chief purpose is artificially to drum up the popularity and exclusivity of these classes in relation to the rest of the group fitness repertoire. Holders of the unlimited group fitness pass have a right to participate in the full range of their preferred classes and at all scheduled times. It is highly desirable to provide more equipment and open up more classes in parallel time slots. Otherwise, if the restrictive policy continues, while there is still enough physical space and available equipment in the exercise room, then the Campus Recreation should reduce the price of group fitness passes or offer discounts to members who are unjustifiably barred from participating in their preferred classes.

  • Boxing Speedbag

    i was wondering if we could get a new, wall mounted speedbag so that it won't shake. the one we currently have doesnt rebound properly because the top wooden circle doesn't hold firm.

  • Campus Recreation - general

  • Childcare

    Please consider offering childcare, even if it's extremely limited, to members with small children.

  • Children's Prices

    Please reconsider your pricing policy for children.  I went to CRCE the other day and had to bring my two children with me.  I was playing basketball and they were just sitting in the corner watching videos waiting for me.  They were not working out and did not use any part of the facility except for the section of floor they were sitting on.  I do not understand why I have to pay $10/child in these situations for a guest pass.  I recognize there are children's hours, but those are not always convenient hours for faculty/staff with kids.

    Would it be possible to change the policy to one where all children under 5 (or some other age) are free at all times?  It's hard for me to imagine a situation where a child that young could use the facility to the point where a $10 charge is justified.  Thanks for your time.

  • Chinese martial arts?

    Hi there,

    I learned that there are some martial arts programs avaiable at ARC but where can I look up the detailed generes?

    Especially, I'm looking for some specific generes of Chinese martial arts.

    Are there any websites for that?



  • Cleanliness in ARC locker rooms

    Hello, I will also send this comment to the DCR-Director´s Intern email address, but I am not sure if Laney is still in the position or not, and this is something I have been meaning to comment on for a long time.  

    The shower stalls in the women's locker room at ARC are not very clean.  I always shower in the second group of showers, opposite the blue lockers.  The walls of the shower stalls have not been washed in months.  I know this with absolute certainty, because when you installed new shower curtains (which I believe was in January), I remember thinking, "Well, maybe now they will get around to washing the stalls." Nothing has happened on that front.  There is a lot of black stuff in the grout of the shower stall itself.  There is a lot of black slimy stuff in certain parts of the tile floor where water sits.  There is also green stuff growing on the floor at the point where the outside of the shower stall hits the floor.  I hope that someone will take a look at this situation soon. The old "gang showers" may have deprived us of some privacy, but they were 100 times cleaner, with many fewer surfaces to worry about.  

    I realize there are a lot of showers in the locker room, and that usage doesn't justify having so many, probably. You might consider closing some of them off and devoting more cleaning time to the ones that remain open.  Many thanks, Laurie Reynolds

  • CRCE Cleanliness

    The moist wipes system installed is not sufficient with regard to the number of stations and trash receptacles for disposing of these wipes after use.  As a result, there are often wipes left lying around the gym on the floor and walls etc. Moreover, these systems do not work when the dispensers are empty.

    If staff are not available to fill the squirt bottles then staff will also not be available to fill the wipes stations, so the cleanliness of the gym will continue to decline. I appears that only a limited number of people are using these wipes (limited availability issue?) and thus the equipment is left dirty with dried sweat and other bodily funk, which is a concern since there are a number of communicable diseases that can be passed in gym environments when left unclean.

    Pleae come up with another solution to CRCE's cleanliness issue.

  • CRCE track

  • CrossFit Rig

    There is a growing number of CrossFitters attending the ARC and I was curious to see if Campus Rec could dedicate one of th East Hallway courts into a CrossFit area where there would be weights and especially a CrossFit Rig.  Since half of the courts are almost unoccupied I think the space could be better used. 


    Thank you.

  • Cups availability

    Last night a friend of mine and I were at CRCE.  He suddenly felt dizzy and faint.  I went to the counter to ask for a cup so I could get him some water and they said that they do not have any cups.  I can understand not wishing to supply everyone with a drinking cup.  However, in cases such as these there should be an option at the desk.

  • DCR Event Calendar

    Please include on the DCR Event Calendar all events that will be using a significant portion of the ARC such as career fairs, tournaments, and swimming meets.  The swimming meets on January 24 and 31, for example, were not on the Calendar.  This inclusion would make it easier for members to know when the ARC (and the parking lots) are likely to be more crowded.  

  • Ellipticals on upper level


    On the west side of the upper level, overlooking the "winter garden" atrium, there used to be 6 Life Fitness 95X Ellipticals.  Any time of the day, these machines would be quite popular - often fully subscribed while other machines on that level remained empty.  So, you've replaced 4 of these machines with a different Life Fitness (very similar to the Precore (?) with the orange pedals at the north end across the "divide").  Now these 4 new machines are largely unused, or at least no more than average.

    I know that there are tons of other 95X machines near the climbing wall on the upper level and lining both sides of the entry level.  But these 6 were pleasant to use with the garden overlook.

    Curious to replace the most popular machines with ones similar to less-used machines.  Just an observation.

    Oh, and count me as one who is not pleased with the change to Gym Wipes.  I've never seen anyone use them after a workout.  They might be slightly more successful if there were at least 3-4 times as many stations.  But their paucity is a factor in the disappointing introduction of this "upgrade".  You could have had a more successful rollout with more stations and better publicity of the reasons.  (And wipes that wipe better.)

    Thanks for listening.

  • Equipment Cleanliness

    The towels and squirt bottles have been removed from all the equipment and replaced by disposable wipes. I can understand if this ends up being more hygenic, since I was sometimes doubtful of how clean the towels were, but I didn't know the disposable wipes were even present for a few weeks. I've noticed a huge increase in people not wiping down equipment (and by huge increase, I mean that I have not seen a single person do it this semester) because nobody knows that these wipes exist. Along those lines, there's very few dispensers located around the gym. It's more likely that someone will wipe down the equipment if the cleaning supplies are right in front of them.

    Please increase the number of dispensers and signage so people know that they exist or at the very least bring back some of the towels and squirt bottles.

  • Equipment Rentals

  • Freer Pool available Fa14?

    I cannot find Freer Pool hours for this term.  Does anyone know what they are?  Web site seems to be broken (safari and chrome).

  • great service

    I just wanted to comment on how great my service has been at the reservation desk.  Everyone has been especially helpful and friendly every time i go. Staff are quick to respond to needs and offer friendly service, especially the crew at 7pm on Mondays :)

  • Group Fitness

  • group fitness - pdf ?

    Could you please post a PDF of the group fitness classes? In the past, it was one page that included all the CRCE and ARC classes during the semester. It's easier to read at a glance instead of the calendar. Thanks.

  • Gym Live Streams

    This might be a stretch, and more of a long term project, but it would be nice to have live online video streams of the gyms, particularly the basketball courts, that are available to access online. Goign to the courts and then finding out that no one is there or too many people are there is always disheartening ("should we go check the other gym?". Having online streams would be an easy way to check the status of the basketball courts or workout areas, and might promote a better flow of student traffic through the gyms.

  • Gym Shoe Donations?

    In the past DCR has set up a box at the ARC (and CRCE?) to accept donations of gym shoes for distribution to others.  I have two or three pairs appropriate for this.  Will there be a box set up this spring at the ARC to collect such shoes?

  • Hazardous Equipment/TVs

    This could just be me, but I have a two serious problems that are potential injury hazards as well. First, the seats on almost all of the free weight benches are unstable and wobbly. When you start getting heavy, this can become problematic if you do not have a spotter. Second (and more importantly) is all dip equipment. The way the bars are angled forces users to employ terrible form that puts a very large amount of strain on the shoulders and rotater cuff (dip bars that are parallel to each other lessen this). Those are issues that I have with potentially hazardous equipment that could be addressed. The only other complaint is with respect to the TVs and music in the basement. Most people go to the gym to workout, and not watch TV. However, when there is a TV every few feet, the distractions become intensified. Also, even though I have my music in, Jessica Simpson and Justin Bieber still can be heard in the basement which is kind of frustrating. These are just suggestions and concerns about the facility, and are not meant to be rude at all.

  • Heavier Dumbbells for Water Exercise


    Would it be possible to get more of the heavy (blue) dumbbells for water exercise at ARC and CRCE? There are plenty of light (yellow) and a huge amount of medium (green) dumbbells, but only one set of heavy dumbbells at each pool. There's easily demand for four or five sets of the heavy ones. 


  • How about a class for SUP

    Hi, I REALLY would like the opportunity to learn SUP (stand up paddling). This has become a really big sport. There is no place in our area. I know this seems like it should just be intuitive. but If I had a few lessons, including what kind of board, size, paddle, etc. I should look for if I want to buy one-that would be so great. I was thinking that just a few boards in the ARC pool, or even inside would work. You have scuba lessons, and SUP is great for all ages. I would like this before I go to say, Chicago or elsewhere to SUP. Thanks so much. 




    Aisha Lamb Sobh

  • Ice Skating activities/Ice Arena

  • IllinoisNet Wifi at Gym 3

    Both IllinoisNet and UiucNet are not working at Gym 3.  Hope they can be fixed as soon as possible.

  • Indoor swimming pool


    I have a couple of comments about the indoor pool during the school year. 

  • Inline Skating Rink

    I am a little upset that the skating rink is closed and I know of several other students that feel the same way. If it is some kind of safety hazard, I'm sure the problem can be fixed without a huge amount of money. I have also heard rumors that it might be demolished to make room for basketball courts. There are plenty of places to play basketball around campus and very few to play hockey. I just want campus rec to keep us hockey players in mind before they decide to make any huge changes.

  • Intramural Activities

  • locker rentals

    I was trying to rent a locker at CRCE today but was told that I have to wait till August 1st because I didn’t rent one last year. Given the limited number of lockers, this means that some people can rent year after year while others may not have a chance to rent at all, which is not fair. I think the lockers should be made available for rent to all members at the same time. Thank you for considering this suggestion.


  • Locker room improvement in CRCE

    It's difficult to use the lockers in CRCE because there're only one or two hooks per locker.  Moreover, the hooks are very small so that one can hang a limited number of  items on the hooks.  This is very different from the lockers in ARC, where each locker has about six hooks, and the hooks are bigger, allowing one to hang more things.

  • Medicine Balls?

    I can't seem to find any medicine balls at the ARC.  I know you have those huge fabric-like ones, but where are the rubber ones that look like basketballs?  I've seen some in the private training rooms.  Are we allowed to take those to use?  I am just surprised that I can't find them anywhere.  There's a ton of the fabric ones, but those don't work for every exercise.  Please let me know.


  • Member Services

  • Mens locker room etiquette

    I go to CRCE everyday in these days. The mens locker room was always clean and quiet until in this afternoon. When I came back to the locker room after workout, there were mess. I found a lot kids in the pool, so I guess that there is a summer camp or some kind of program for kids. There were a lot of grown-ups on the gym too including myself. The locker room is the public place not for "kids only". I don't know who is responsible for that happen but the camp/program manager or their parents should have taught an etiquette to the kids. Or if one of the CRCE staffs noticed that, he/she should have told the person who run the program.