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Actuarial Science @ Illinois
Updates and announcements from the Actuarial Science Program at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
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  • Get Ready! Meet the Firms is September 21

    It is  wise to start your preparations early.  Read this post for tips on getting ready for Meet the Firms and career fair season!

  • Upcoming Career Connections for Aspiring Actuaries

    There are many workshops and info sessions related to preparation for upcoming career fairs and forums. Please check for more details!

  • 2017 AUCA (American Universities in China Association) Career Open Day (January 6th)

    This would be of relevance to anyone interested in working overseas in Shanghai upon graduation. Note that registration becomes available next week! 


  • Career Fair in China

    Careers fairs in Shanghai and Beijing are around the corner!

  • Career Connections

    Career Connections for future Actuaries!

  • AUCA Finance & Business Career Fair in Shanghai

    American Universities’ China Association (AUCA) is hosting 2017 AUCA Finance & Business Career Fair. Our university's Shanghai Office is one of the active AUCA members. This event is open to all students regardless of majors and is more geared toward students and recent graduates who are interested in a job or an internship in finance or business areas. For more details, please check out the post and the attached file.

  • AON Consulting Career Day

    AON is hosting a career day to introduce top actuarial students to their spin on the actuarial profession. If the consulting industry interests you, AON is one of the top companies to work for. I would highly recommend this chance to meet with AON employees to gain more insight into future positions. 

  • Illini Career and Internship Fair (April 5)

    Are you still looking for a job/internship? The Career Center has got your back. The Illini Career and Internship Fair is coming up quick so be sure to participate in this great opportunity to find your dream job. 

  • Upcoming Career Fairs

    Here is another list of the upcoming career fairs this spring. Of course some of these have already come and gone, but keep in mind the ones still to come! 

  • Career Fair in NYC!

    There is a career fair for actuaries on Sunday, September 17, 2017 in NYC.  Students are welcome!

  • LAS in CU: A Local Internship Fair, 2017

    Local Internship Fair is approaching! Come, chat with recruiters and explore new possibilities!

  • Upcoming Fall Fairs

    Remaining career, internship and grad school fairs for future actuaries!

  • Catalyze: A Professional Networking Event

    If anyone is still out there looking for a job, never fear! Here is a great networking chance to find an opportunity for yourself. 

  • Research Park Open House

    Check it out!  Tomorrow (October 20) there is an open house at the Research Park.

  • Career Connections 10.3.17

    Weekly Career Connections for future actuaries!

  • CPT-OPT Workshop and Upcoming Career Fairs

    Join the Career Center as they host a workshop that will feature Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT) presentations for F-1 international students, as well as an overview of other valuable resources that the Career Center provides for students! 

  • Hire Big 10 Virtual Career Fair April 12th: Employers Recruiting for Full-time, Internship, & Co-op Jobs - Register Now!

    Here is another announcement about the upcoming virtual career fair. Be a part of this event to secure that job position you've been looking for! Please see previous post for more information about the event. 

  • NCSA SPIN Open House on March 29

    The National Center for Supercomputing Applications is hosting an open house that will give students an opportunity to learn more about what they do and how you can be a part of it. If this seems like something that is up your alley, be sure to attend! 

  • Career Connections 10/10

    Weekly career connections reminder for future actuaries!

  • Career Development Opportunities

    Lots of opportunites to develop your career.

  • Career Connections 3.29.17

    Another edition of the Career Center's newsletter. Very good events and workshops coming up this next month!

  • Big Data Career Event (November 10th, 4:20 - 6:30pm, Chancellor Ballroom, IHotel Conference Center)

    Mathematics majors are in high demand to help make sense of "big data"!  If you are interested in a job or internship in this area, please consider attending the event. 

  • Milliman Career Day (RSVP by December 30)

    Milliman is hosting a career day at their Milwaukee office over winter break. You must RSVP before hand to attend the event. 

  • Hire Big 10 Virtual Career Fair April 12th: Employers Recruiting for Full-time, Internship, & Co-op Jobs - Register Now!

    This unique virtual career fair is for all Big 10 students and plays host to over 65 employers. If you are still looking for a job/internship here is a great chance to connect with them! 

  • Upcoming Career Fairs

    Are you still looking for that perfect job or internship? Never fear, there are more upcoming career fairs bringing companies looking to hire U of I students. More details inside!

  • Research Park Internship and Career Fair - Thursday, March 9

    Here is some internship and career fair information brought to you by Research Park! Information on workshops, career fairs, and how to get that internship you're gunning for. 

  • Thursday: Research Park Career Fair

    This Thursday is the Research Park Career Fair. This is a perfect chance to explore job and internship opportunities with companies at Research Park so be sure not to miss it!

  • CSC Newsletter - February 28

    Hello Everyone, 

    Here is a couple of upcoming career events brought to you by the Career Center. Take a look there are some interesting opportunities for you to experience!

  • SAVE THE DATE: Research Park Career Fair (Tuesday, March 9, 2017)

    The 11th annual Corporate Internships & Careers in the Research Park will be held on March 9, 2017 at the i-Hotel and Conference Center at 1900 South First Street, Champaign. The Career Fair is a great way for students who are specifically interested in working in the Research Park to meet with employers, both startups and corporate operations. Registration for Research Park companies will open in January.  Students do not need to register for this event. For more information contact Dana Cohen