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This blog provides a central source of information and updates regarding the progress of the iSchool website redesign project, a joint effort by the iSchool Web Leadership Team and Pixo. Blog posts will be shared periodically throughout the course of the project.
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  • Website redesign: Final tasks

    Work continues on finalizing our new website. Launch is planned for the summer session, following end-of-semester activities.

  • New blog for iSchool web redesign project

  • Web content and wireframe workshops, key audiences

    Collaborative content and wireframe workshops with iSchool participants have begun. Plans also are underway to determine solutions for archiving web content and developing an intranet solution for internal-facing content. This blog post shares these updates as well as primary, secondary, and tertiary audiences for the website.

  • Stakeholder feedback to guide web redesign

    Stakeholder feedback has provided valuable information that will guide the web redesign project.

  • iSchool stakeholder consultation ending

    The week of April 24th marks the end of stakeholder consultation for the website redesign project. 

  • Website redesign: Development update

    The development phase of the web redesign is in full swing, with several activities taking place.

  • Web redesign on schedule; development work underway

    The web redesign project is proceeding on schedule, with July 3 marking the beginning of development work. This post summarizes recent and upcoming activities. Navigation testing is planned for the coming week, and faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to participate (more information will be shared via email).

  • Website redesign: Site building continues

    The Web Leadership Team continues to build out the new iSchool website, prioritizing known issues and development tasks that need to be completed before launch (date to be determined).

  • Website redesign: Site building underway

    Pixo has completed the major development phase for the new website, and the Web Leadership Team is working to build out the new iSchool website using the content management framework.

  • Website redesign: Development update

    Development work will continue with Pixo through November 30, after which the Web Leadership Team will complete a period of final review, testing, and refinements.