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Illinois State Water Survey

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  • Student Hourly GIS - Illinois State Water Survey, PRI

    We are seeking several University of Illinois graduate students to assist with preparing digitally available GIS data and analyzing streamflow statistics regionalization at the Illinois State Water Survey. The primary duty will be to assist our staff to compile a geodatabase with geology, hydrogeology, land use/land cover, soil, and climate information.

  • Hourly Research Assistant - Sediment Laboratory, Illinois State Water Survey

    Assist the ISWS Sediment Laboratory Analyst by performing various duties as needed: prepare samples for analysis, prepare supplies and material for analytical methods, washing bottles/caps, taring bottles/glass filters, data entry, and general laboratory upkeep.

  • Environmental Public Health Professional

    The Prairie Research Institute (PRI) is seeking to hire an Environmental Public Health Professional (Official Title: Senior Scientific Specialist, Environmental Public Health) to lead and administer research activities within PRI by developing, planning, and conducting applied research related to groundwater, water quality, and private wells with emphasis on emerging contaminants and drinking water contamination; conduct outreach activities to disseminate research results and provide education to stakeholders; ensure data meet the rigorous standards required for scientific research and analysis; and advance institutional public health goals related to One Health.

  • AI Remote Sensing

    The Prairie Research Institute is seeking to hire either an Assistant (lower) level (Official Title: Assistant Research Scientist, AI Remote Sensing 1014958) or an Associate (higher) level (Official Title: Associate Research Scientist, AI Remote Sensing 1014529)  to conduct research and program-building activities of ISWS by planning, directing, conducting and seeking external funding for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in remote sensing in the Climate & Atmospheric Sciences Section of the Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS).

  • AI Applications in Climate & Weather - Prairie Research Insitute

    The Climate & Atmospheric Sciences Section of the Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS) is expanding in the areas of AI Climate and AI Remote Sensing