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2021 iDegrees Holiday Cookbook
Happy Holiday from the iDegrees Student Council. Enjoy holiday recipes submitted by students, alumni, faculty and staff from around the world!

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  • Garlic Herb Butter Prime Rib with Red Wine Au Jus

    Main Course: This is part of my 2021 Christmas Eve Dinner, a gourmet feast I have made every year since 2010(except 2020). I started this tradition with my wife and in-laws, and it has grown to include my children and my parents when they moved to be closer to me in 2016.

    Submitted by Eric Scott, iMBA Spring 2021 Cohort

  • Cabbage Rolls (Sarmi)

    Main Course: I am born to immigrant parents from Germany, but I was raised also by my stepfather who is Bulgarian. He provided for me and my siblings. One of our traditions on Christmas Eve was eating cabbage rolls called Sarmi. I think after many years of trying to replicate what my father has made for us I finally feel like I made a match. It is a process. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    Submitted by Solveig Gehrken, iMSM Fall 2020 Cohort

  • The Best Turkey & Stuffing You'll Ever Have!

    Main Course: This recipe was cited by my Mom as "the best turkey I've ever had". It's also the most-requested item when my team at work has a potluck (3 for 3 so far...). I hope it brings as much joy to you and your family and friends!

    Submitted by Mathew Varsava, iMBA Fall 2021 Cohort