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  • Seventh Annual BeeBlitz Saturday, June 26

    Participate at home or visit the Pollinatarium on campus.

  • Pollinator Research Internship

    WHAT: Research internship

    WHERE: University of Illinois and surrounding east-central Illinois counties

    WHEN: Start mid-May, ending in August

    HOURS: 16-40 hours/week. Credit possible through your department

    WHAT WE PROVIDE: Field supplies, transportation to field sites, training 


    TRAINING PROVIDED (based on your interests): 

    Insect collection techniques

    Curation of insect specimens

    Plant identification



    The study is being conducted in east-central Illinois and focuses on characterizing the area's pollinators. This research effort aims to measure bee communities utilizing pollinator-designated habitat within Illinois’ agricultural landscape. Bees require unique habitat elements to sustain their populations, and this research will investigate the ability of pollinator designated habitats to support diverse communities. We will also look at possible agricultural pest presence within these established habitats.

    Contact Maddy Kangas for more information