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  • Becoming a FYCARE Facilitator


    Are you passionate about social justice? CHLH199B is a unique opportunity to learn about how to support survivors and challenge rape culture with other like-minded individuals. This is a required course if you are interested in being a FYCARE (First Year Campus Acquaintance Rape Education) facilitator.

  • Volunteering Opportunity at McKinley Health Center


    McKinley Health Center's Special Populations' Student Health Concerns Committee (SPSHCC) has a great opportunity for students interested in volunteering.

    SPSHCC plays an active role in implementing health education and health outreach programs to diverse populations throughout the University of Illinois as well as across the Champaign-Urbana community. 

  • TEC offering Entrepreneurship Advising on Fridays


    The Technology Entrepreneur Center offers Entrepreneurship Advising on Fridays from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Have a startup idea? Don't know what to do next? Come to Entrepreneurship Advising with TEC every Friday (virtually, of course). Bring your ideas -- they'll help you figure out your next steps, and guide you through campus and community resources. If you can't join in on Fridays, contact Stephanie Larson at or Catharine Ingram at to set up an appointment. Learn more at

  • Check out Illinois Enactus


    The mission of Illinois Enactus is to contribute to sustainable development goals all around the world. Groups of students from all majors develop collaborative business ventures that work towards social, economic, and environmental equality in all communities.

  • Apply today to become a GLOBE member!


    Apply today to become a GLOBE member! Accepting Blue and Orange applications now. Details and application links:

    Global Leaders Orange and Blue Engagement (GLOBE) connects Blue members (current university students) with Orange members (new incoming students), and teams them up in small groups to participate in various activities and events throughout the semester to build intercultural communication skills, leadership experience, and lifelong friendships.

  • Acronyms for New Students

    We tend to use a number of abbreviations that are helpful to know:

    CHP = Campus Honors Program.  Students in the CHP are Chancellor’s Scholars.HoHo = Honors House, 1205 West Oregon Street, Urbana, Illinois 61801 (where many of your classes will be in the future), currently available to meet with staff by previously-scheduled appointment 8:30 – 5 p.m. M-F unless otherwise noted; once the pandemic is over, the Honors House will be available for studying, SAS programs, and HSC events.HSC = Honors Student Council, the student organization that plans great programs for all Chancellor’s Scholars.  Current officers are Maya Chattoraj (President), Micah Rubel (Vice President, Academic Engagement), Ashley Hornig (Co-Vice President, Social Engagement), Rony Midya (Co-Vice President, Social Engagement), Ethan Frobish (Co-Vice President, Publications), MaryRose O'Donnell (Co-Vice President, Publications), Matthew Haak (Vice President, Arts), Niraj Lawande (Co-Vice President, Community Engagement), Andrew Schollmeijer (Co-Vice President, Community Engagement), and Jacob Fritchie (Secretary and Social Media Chair).  HSC meetings are open virtually to all Chancellor’s Scholars, with more info on the fall schedule for other meetings and events to follow.KDR = Krannert Dress Rehearsals.  These are currently suspended due to COVID-19, but will be held in the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (KCPA), 500 S. Goodwin, Urbana. SAS = Scholar Adventurers Series of faculty lectures and special workshops will be virtual this semester, and once able to be held in person, will often be in the Honors House classroom (room 212).  The schedule for SAS programs is posted at, and sign-ups are open starting at 9 a.m. today through a couple days before each program.Publications:  The CHP Annual will be sent to your homes, and can be found at  You can help contribute to stories by joining HSC's Publication Committee and/or contacting Elizabeth Rockman at CHP's Equinox Literary Arts Magazine is also managed by Honors Student Council (watch your e-mail for how to get involved), and NewBytes, this CHP electronic e-newsletter, is sent on Mondays, and items can be sent to

  • Cocurricular events - SAS registration open today at 9 a.m.!

    FALL 2020 Semester SAS offerings are below (registration begins today at 9 a.m. today; every event must be registered for, and Zoom info will be sent to all registrants a few days before each event):

    All times are 5:15 – 6:30 p.m., and *TO EARN CREDIT* for these on-line programs, students will be expected to submit a paragraph+ response to a prompt sent after each program to Elizabeth Rockman at

    WELLNESS UNDER PRESSURE – BUILDING RESILIENCY DURING DIFFICULT TIMES with Michele Guerra on Thursday, 9/17/20WHY WE ALL SHOULD CARE ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE with Don Wuebbles on Wednesday, 9/23/20CREATING YOUR POWERFUL RESUME WORKSHOP with Emma Andruczyk on Wednesday, 9/30/20FOOD FLOWS BETWEEN COUNTIES IN THE UNITED STATES with Megan Konar on Tuesday, 10/6/20IF IT’S NOT BIRTH ORDER, THEN WHERE DO WE GET OUR PERSONALITIES? with Brent Roberts on Tuesday, 10/13/20ELECTION INTERFERENCE IN 2016 – AND ANTICIPATED INTERFERENCE IN 2020 with Nick Grossman on Tuesday, 10/15/20AN UPDATE ON THE EARTH BIOGENOME PROJECT with Gene Robinson on Monday, 10/19/20PRESIDENTIAL RHETORIC – HISTORY THROUGH TODAY with John Murphy, Wednesday, 10/21/20MEDIA STEREOTYPING: HOW DO WE MAKE ADVERTISING AND BRANDING LESS RACIST? with Jason Chambers on Thursday, 10/29/20THE PHYSICS OF BASEBALL with Alan Nathan on Thursday, 11/5/20               

    Students entering the CHP after Fall 2018 must participate in at least eight Scholar Adventurers Series (SAS) programs prior to graduation (approximately one per semester). For students who entered prior to Fall 2018, participation in four SAS programs is required.

    A student may sign up for more than one SAS per semester, however, repeat attendance in an SAS does not earn additional credit. If you need to cancel a registration, please delete your submission using the link in the confirmation email that was sent upon submission of your registration, and contact the CHP at

    Questions? Comments? Contact Suggestions for future SAS programs? Please send an email to CHP Associate Director Elizabeth Rockman at


    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Krannert Dress Rehearsals have been suspended for the Fall 2020 Semester. As an exception to this requirement, graduating seniors may receive approval for a substitution, and can contact Elizabeth Rockman at for more information.


  • Luce Scholars Program Informational Events 8/27 - 8/28/20


    Graduating seniors and recent alumni:

    Do you want to get experience living and working in Asia? If so, you may be eligible to apply for the Luce Scholars Program ( The Luce is a one-year internship in your field after graduation in Asia or Southeast-Asia, and it is designed specifically for students and recent alumni who are U.S. citizens and who have spent less than 18 weeks in Asia since graduating from high school. For any candidate, even students who lived in Asia as a child or teenager, the Luce eligibility requirements would only count time in Asia since high school graduation toward the 18-week limit.

    If you would like to learn more, please join one or both of the following events:Luce Scholars Program Information Session - This session will include advice from a previous Illinois Luce recipient: Thursday, August 27, 2020, 3:30 - 4:30 p.m., Online: Scholars Program Personal Statement Writing Workshop: Friday, August 28, 2020, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m., Online:

    For more information, contact the National and International Scholarships Program at or visit

    Thanks to Suzanna Challen of the Office of National and International Scholarships for this information item.

  • Japan House Virtual GANBARU! Event is 8/29/20

    Japan House Virtual GANBARU! Event is August 29 from 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

    Ganbaru, also known as gambaru, is a ubiquitous Japanese word which roughly means to slog on tenaciously through tough times. The word Ganbaru is often translated to mean "doing one’s best", but in practice, it means doing more than one's best. The word emphasizes "working with perseverance" or "toughing it out."

    GANBARU will feature a 12-hour online streaming event starting with a Blessing and Goma Fire Ritual from Japan, followed by a full day of performances by artists such as Ho Etsu Taiko, Seiran Chiba, Michoyoshi Sato, Duo Yumeno, the 5, 6, 7, 8's and more! Five traditional Japanese Tea ceremonies will be showcased, as well as LIVE updates, video montages and more! Throughout the day, there will be random drawing of names of participants for cool prizes! Updates and information can be found here:

  • The Value of Undergraduate Research Workshop (VURW) Virtual Edition -- and other great programs!


    During "The Value of Undergraduate Research Workshop (VURW) Virtual Edition" workshop, the Office of Undergraduate Research staff will discuss the importance (i.e. the personal and professional benefits) of conducting research as an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois. Students will leave the workshop with (1) knowledge of the skills that can be developed through research, (2) a better understanding of how undergraduate research can benefit them both personally and in their future careers, and (3) how they can showcase this experience to future employers and professional schools.

    Participation is by advanced registration only; there are limited spots available. We have several date offerings available, students only should register for one date.

    Details and registration link can be found at: