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  • Meet the 2019 Illinois Athletics Hall of Fame class

    Some of the greatest names in Illini sports history comprise the class, including coaches and record-holders from 11 different sports.

  • Ebert Symposium to feature film director Gregory Nava

    Filmmaker Gregory Nava, who broke ground with the Latino film “El Norte” and TV series “American Family,” will be part of this year’s Ebert Symposium.

  • Solar Farm expansion to increase campus renewable energy

    The new Solar Farm expansion will generate the equivalent electricity use of more than 2,000 average American homes.

  • School of Architecture showcases women in the profession

    The School of Architecture is celebrating the contributions of female architecture graduates.

  • Study tracks age and narcissism

    U.S. News and World Report (Sept. 18) "With time, it seems most people turn away from their earlier narcissistic tendencies," said Illinois professor Brent Roberts.

  • Motorola Solutions opens innovation center at Illinois

    'Partnering with the University of Illinois provides access to a depth of talent across a number of disciplines, encouraging research in areas that are critical to Motorola Solutions’ future.'

  • University invests $24 million into Investment for Growth Proposals

    The university is generating new sources of revenue while continuing to invest in education, research and public engagement.

  • Illinois professor studies correlation between education and video games

    WICS-TV (Sept. 17) Illinois associate professor Chad Lane is studying ways to use technology to promote science, especially to middle school students. 

  • Lessons in leisure

    Every spring, a class of Illini embark on a tour filled with more than twenty excursions in less than two weeks’ time.

  • How colleges are ramping up creativity and technology

    U.S. News & World Report (Sept. 16) Illinois is ramping up its efforts to equip students with the ideal combination of strong technology acumen and solid creative and interpersonal skills.

  • Illinois study examines high-frequency hearing

    Illinois researchers examine why people struggle to hear others in noisy environments as they age.

  • Free student tickets for Illinois vs. Nebraska

    Illinois students can receive free tickets for the Fighting Illini football game vs. Nebraska.

  • Illinois researchers build microscopic biohybrid robots

    Illinois researchers are bringing the field of mechanical engineering one step closer to autonomous biobots.

  • Illinois selected for AAU's PhD Education Initiative

    Illinois will be one of eight universities to participate in a new initiative to change the culture surrounding doctoral education and career pathways.

  • Urbana's Trelease Woods offers old-growth lessons

    Partly because of its close proximity to the University of Illinois, which owns it, and partly because it’s so old and rare, the 60-some acres of woodland is one of the most-researched tracts of forest in the world.

  • Gies iMBA program continues to soar

    Poets & Quants (Sept. 15) Applications continue to rise in the Gies College of Business iMBA program. 

  • Marching Illini makes strides in sustainability

    With improved technologies, the Marching Illini has transitioned to paperless.

  • Meet the Illini Hyperloop team

    Imagine traveling from Champaign to Chicago in 15 minutes at upwards of 700 mph in a pod running through a vacuum tube.

  • Printing flatter polymers improves conductivity, optical properties

    Design News (Sept. 13)  Illinois researchers report the development of a new method to stretch and flatten the molecules in conductive polymers so they can conduct electricity better.

  • Illini Soccer defeats Butler in Indianapolis

    Senior Kelly Maday netted Illinois' first goal of the night. Freshman Eileen Murphy converted a penalty kick to give the Orange and Blue a 5-1-0 early season record.

  • Meet the record-breaking freshman class

    The Illinois freshman class sets records for enrollment, diversity and excellence.

  • Illinois ROTC students commemorate 9/11

    WICS/WCCU (Sept. 11) Illinois ROTC students, police and firefighters climbed 1,980 steps at Memorial Stadium to honor first responders.

  • Five Illinois professors named University Scholars

    Five Illinois professors have been named University Scholars in recognition of their excellence in teaching, scholarship and service.

  • Study finds honey bees process positive, negative experiences in distinct regions of the brain

    Newsweek (Sept. 10) 'This discovery is striking given how small their brains are,' says Gene Robinson, study author and director of the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology at Illinois.

  • Football game week: Illinois vs. Eastern Michigan

    The Fighting Illini are looking to close out their non-conference season 3-0 when Eagles come to Memorial Stadium on Saturday (11 a.m. CT)

  • Research tracks narcissism from young adulthood to middle age

    Narcissism tends to wane as a person matures, a new study confirms. But not for everyone, and not to the same extent.

  • Researchers unveil new volcanic eruption forecasting technique

    Volcanic eruptions are especially hazardous when they show few to no signs of unrest beforehand. Geologists are now using a technique traditionally used in climate forecasting to develop new eruption forecasting models.

  • Welcoming Week 2019

    Welcoming Week is a nationwide celebration created that brings together immigrants and U.S.-born community members to get to know one another and build community.

  • Illini Soccer to play first match at Demirjian Park on Sunday vs. Colorado College

    Illini Soccer's first match at Demirjian Park is Sunday at 1 p.m. Currently in the process of construction, Demirjian Park is located at 606 St. Mary's Road.  

  • Endangered animals project looks at tigers, habitat loss, climate change

    Illinois artist Deke Weaver uses stories to reflect wider global concerns. His 'TIGER' performance will incorporate stories of migration due to climate change.

  • Ebert Symposium to focus on inclusion in movies and media

    The topic grew out of Roger Ebert’s vision of movies as a tool for generating empathy among those of different genders, races, ages, classes. etc. Fostering empathy 'is the most noble thing that good movies can do,' he said.

  • Is Illinois' nursing shortage due to poor working conditions?

    The Southern Illinoisian (Sept. 7) UI labor expert Robert Bruno says the shortages are organic: 'They’re almost always constructed due to some policy decisions, some choices that are being made...'

  • New salt-based propellant proven compatible in dual-mode rocket engines

    'We have (shown) that salt propellants work in the high-acceleration combustion mode.  Now we know that this unique combination of salts will also work in the electric fuel-efficient mode.'

  • UI discovers a solution to possible drop in Chinese students: Insurance

    CNBC (Sept. 6) The trade war 'has given every school a bit of a wake-up call that the flow of students from China is not something we should take for granted or should count on,' says Gies College of Business Dean Jeffrey Brown

  • Rashard Mendenhall: Gridiron writer

    For Mendenhall, 'capturing a vision—a line or a scene' in the HBO show, Ballers, 'pulling inspiration out of the air and putting it on the TV screen, that’s as good as any touchdown.'

  • Study: Action-oriented goals produce higher probability of purchases under tight deadlines

    If you want sell a product or service quickly, it helps to try a busy consumer, says new research co-written by U. of I. psychology professor Dolores Albarracin.

  • Peters' four TDs push Fighting Illini past UConn, 31-23

    Brandon Peters threw four touchdown passes to help Illinois outpace the Huskies, 31-23 on Saturday afternoon.

  • Now Accepting Nominations for the Larine Y. Cowan Make a Difference Award

    Consider nominating a person or organization that you feel has done an exceptional job in helping to make Illinois a more diverse and inclusive campus.

  • As an act of self-disclosure, workplace creativity can be risky business

    Business professor Jack Goncalo finds that being creative in the workplace is potentially fraught with peril because creativity itself is deeply personal.

  • Financial education programs, income-based repayment plans promote prosperity

    Research finds that young adults with student loans who participate in financial education programs become better financial managers who are able to build their personal wealth after college.

  • Proctor & Gamble 'Smart Lab' opens at U of I Research Park

    The Smart Lab will bring together interdisciplinary teams of students from a wide variety of backgrounds to rapidly prototype and innovate in the space of consumer insights.

  • Minecraft-based programs inspire young minds to take on environmental challenges

    Big Ten Network (Sept. 3) Illinois Professor H. Chad Lane and his team are using the landmark open-world video game to captivate the scientists of tomorrow.

  • Watch: Life Without Illinois

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2019 PSA. A glimpse into a terrifying world Without Illinois... Special thanks to the Champaign County Humane Society

  • Would changes to capital gains taxes spur the economy?

    Indexing capital gains to inflation could be a simple fix to stimulate a teetering economy, but several significant implementation hurdles remain, said Professor Richard Kaplan.

  • KAM's new installation: Art Since 1948

    Slideshow of some of the objects made since 1948 that are featured in Krannert Art Museum's latest installation.

  • Football Game Week: Illinois at UConn

    After a season-opening 42-3 rout of Akron at home, Illinois travels to Connecticut to face the Huskies on Saturday in East Hartford (2:30 CT on CBS Sports Network). 

  • $14.5 billion in relief payments help farmers weather Trump’s trade war with China

    WGLT-FM (Sept. 3) 'To the average person, that strikes them as a lot of money, and it is,' says Illinois agricultural economist Scott Irwin. 'But it’s not making farmers wealthy right now.'

  • Researchers develop technique to de-ice surfaces in seconds

    The method, which uses less than 1% of the energy and less than 0.01% of the time needed for traditional de-icing techniques, is published in the journal Applied Physics Letters. 

  • Epstein to miss remainder of 2019 season

    Epstein led Illinois in rushing yards and yards per carry as a true freshman in 2017 and tied for the team lead in touchdowns. He became the fifth true freshman in program history to lead the team in rushing yards. 

  • Cargill opens UI Research Park facility to evaluate, address grain industry challenges

    Feed Navigator (Aug. 30) Cargill will employ Illinois students to address challenges facing global agriculture and food systems, including areas like feed monitoring and grain shipment tracking.