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  • Economist: The path to economic recovery must address child care

    With the damage inflicted to the U.S. economy by the COVID-19 pandemic, recovery will require not only restoring jobs and income, according to a professor at Illinois, but revitalizing a key industry that affects millions of families: child care. 

  • Smith Football Center ranked #13 in the nation

    The Smith Football Center opened in August 2019, including expanded strength and conditioning and sports medicine spaces, coaches' offices, position meeting rooms, player development areas, and areas for recruiting, prospect hosting.

  • Mobile app helps young adults talk with friends about risky drug, alcohol use

    Designed for people ages 18-29, the Harbor app teaches young adults how they can 'act as first responders for their close friends who demonstrate risky substance use behaviors,' according to the app’s lead developer, professor Douglas C. Smith. 

  • U of I remains among top producers of Fulbright US Student Awards

    Fifteen students from the Urbana campus were offered Fulbright awards for the 2020-21 academic year, placing Illinois among the top 15 public institutions in terms of numbers of students offered grants.

  • Survey: Teacher shortage worsening for most Illinois districts

    'You come to college to become a teacher, borrow a significant amount of money along the way, then go into the profession with a very low salary. ...that’s a very difficult invitation to accept,' says College of Education Dean Jim Anderson.

  • FDA approves U of I's saliva COVID-19 test: ‘We’re wasting no time in deploying this'

    Chicago Tribune (March 1) The U. of I. has relied on the test to keep its three campuses open for in-person learning since the fall, garnering national attention for the innovation and running more than 1.5 million samples to date. 

  • Illinois dominates No. 2 Michigan in 76-53 road victory

    It's the highest win against a ranked opponent on the road since the 1989 team's win at third-ranked Indiana. The Illini were led by Trent Frazier (22 points, 4 rebounds), Andre Curbelo (17 points, 6 rebounds) and Kofi Cockburn (12 points, 7 rebounds).

  • Curbelo named Big Ten Freshman of the Week

    Andre Curbelo earns the award after helping lead the Illini to a road win at Wisconsin and a Senior Night victory over Nebraska at State Farm Center with his first double-double as an Illini. 

  • Author looks at portrayals of slavery beyond questions of freedom

    Professor Christopher Freeburg's book, 'Counterlife: Slavery After Resistance and Social Death,' argues that scholars should look at the lives and creativity of slaves more broadly than whether their actions led to freedom.

  • Division of labor within regenerating liver maintains metabolism, mouse study finds

    The liver has a rare superpower among body organs – the ability to regenerate. It even continues its work of removing metabolites and toxins during the process of regeneration. But how?  

  • Black-owned ad agency reflects on popular 70s TV commercials

    WLS-TV (Feb. 28) 'In the 1970s if you saw African Americans in a TV advertisement – which is still a relative rarity, but especially for a company like Coca-Cola or McDonald’s – it was done by Burrell advertising agency,' says advertising professor Jason Chambers.

  • The lessons of deep space discovery

    Emeritus professor Laird Thompson's new book reflects on cosmic voids and the journey to have his findings accepted

  • Do labor laws need to be modernized with rise of gig economy?

    The Protecting the Right to Organize Act would be the most significant revision of U.S. labor law since 1947, says Michael LeRoy, an expert in labor law.

  • Illini Softball sweeps No. 17 Michigan

    Illinois won both games of the doubleheader, 2-1. The Illini pitching staff and defense held the Wolverines to a combined two runs on the afternoon. The Illini jump out to a 5-1 start for the first time since the 2017 season.

  • In Trump farm bailout, top 1% reaped nearly one-fourth of aid

    Bloomberg (Feb. 24) 'This certainly adds to the questions about the way that program was designed,' says U of I professor Jonathan Coppess, who ran the federal agency that administers farm subsidies during the Obama administration.

  • University updates COVID-19 dashboard to enhance transparency

    The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign updated its COVID-19 dashboard to add more data points and greater detail.

  • New scholarship will expand access to veterinary profession

    'My family and I wanted to put care into action and start removing the systemic barriers that have been preventing access to the veterinary profession for decades,' said Stephen Hadley, a 1987 Veterinary Medicine graduate.

  • Pasquale leads Illini Soccer over Iowa

    The Fighting Illini women's soccer team recorded a second straight shutout, and redshirt-freshman Kendra Pasquale added two goals to lead the Illini to a 3-0 win over the Iowa Hawkeyes at Demirjian Park. 

  • Before high tech, people used observation, experience to predict weather

    Discover Magazine (Feb. 24) 'When they looked at the sky, it wasn’t just an indication of what was happening right then, but could be an indication of what was going to happen,' says Illinois atmospheric scientist Sonia Lasher-Trapp.

  • Virtual reality program lessens physical side effects of hemodialysis

    Patients in a study who used a virtual reality program to engage in a mindfulness/meditation exercise reported fewer side effects such as fatigue, lightheadedness and nausea related to their hemodialysis treatments.

  • Krannert Art Museum acquisitions showcase Native American artists

    KAM's recently acquired works of art by modern, contemporary Native American artists – painting, glasswork and pottery – will help it better present the history of Native American art and the broader history of modern and contemporary art.

  • Short-term climate modeling forecasts drought for Southeast US

    Drought forecasting, typically performed at the multi-decade scale, is getting a makeover by Illinois researchers who focus on short-term models that stress the urgency of drought risk in the U.S. to help inform policymakers now.

  • Study produces staggering estimate of soil depletion from Midwest farming

    NPR (Feb. 24) Other soil scientists are skeptical. Illinois professor Michelle Wander says the study relies on a series of assumptions to fill in gaps in the data, and those assumptions probably overestimate topsoil loss. 

  • Senior Night at State Farm Center: #5 Illini vs. Nebraska

    It will be Senior Night in Champaign, with Trent Frazier, Da'Monte Williams and Zach Griffith set for their final game at State Farm Center. Tonight's game is Illinois' only home appearance over its final six Big Ten games. 

  • Rediscovered journal brings unique perspective on Atlantic slave trade

    A German barber-surgeon who worked on slave ships kept a journal. 300 years later, 'It bears straightforward witness to the commodification of human life and to the banality of evil,' write the authors of a book based on that journal.

  • Research advances in aggressive brain cancer leads to $3M award

    Their research which will unite the fields of cell biology, bioengineering, and chemistry behind cancer drug development to fight glioblastoma.

  • ‘Plastics don’t ever go away’: John Scott studies impact of microplastics

    'They’re always out there. If I analyze something that doesn’t have microplastics in it, I think there’s something wrong,' says Illinois Sustainable Technology Center researcher John Scott.

  • No. 5 Illini downed at Michigan State

    The Orange and Blue got off to a slow start in the game, shooting just 24 percent from the field in the first half.

  • The weather in Texas last week was terrible, but 'unprecedented'? No

    Washington Post (Feb. 22) Weather data from the U of I's Midwest Regional Climate Center makes clear that, while February 2021 was indeed unusually cold, it was not unprecedented.

  • #5 Illini at Michigan State tonight

    Winners of seven straight, No. 5 Illinois begins a stretch with four games in eight days tonight at Michigan State (6 p.m. CT, FS1). Illinois' 12-3 conference record is its best since 2005 when the Illini went 15-1 to win the Big Ten.

  • Celebrate what makes us Powerful Together

    What does Power look like at the University of Illinois? It looks like a 150-year legacy of individuals who are brave enough to think differently, smart enough to find a better way, and caring enough to make the world a better place.

  • MLB’s newly altered baseball may change game’s analytics approach

    Yahoo Sports (Feb. 19) Scientists have determined that the change will result 'in a small reduction in the distance of a typical fly ball,' which could have an immediate impact on strategy and the way the game is played, says professor Alan Nathan.

  • Carle Illinois College of Medicine granted provisional accreditation

    Provisional accreditation affirms that a medical school meets nationally accepted standards of educational quality and can move forward with plans to build a sustainable medical education program.

  • No. 5 Illinois dominates Minnesota

    Illinois was led by the second triple-double in four games from junior Ayo Dosunmu (19 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists) and 22 points and six rebounds from sophomore Kofi Cockburn.

  • Heald selected for 2021-22 Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program in Finland

    Professor Paul Heald, an expert in patent, copyright, and international intellectual property law, has been awarded a Fulbright-Hanken Distinguished Chair in Business and Economics at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland.

  • 38th Insect Fear Film Festival features fleas

    'In the midst of a pandemic, it seems an appropriate theme to focus on an insect associated with pandemics,' says festival founder, entomology professor May Berenbaum. Fleas are the primary vectors that spread the bubonic plague.

  • Simple fish hook change creates real conservation impact

    Circle hooks almost always hook fish in the corner of their mouths, rather than in gills, eyes, or down into the fish’s stomach. They are far easier on fish. And for catch-and-release fishing and for fish conservation in general, that’s a big deal.

  • Welcome to the Class of 2025!

    Welcome to the Family. Now that you've been admitted, start experiencing Illinois and building your community.

  • Illini Volleyball hosts Ohio State at Huff this weekend

    After a week off due the postponement of both Northwestern matches last week, the Illinois volleyball team returns to action as it hosts Ohio State in a two-match series on Feb. 19-20 in Huff Hall.

  • Without photosynthesis, ozone, and a molecule called Rubisco, we wouldn't exist

    NOVA (Feb. 17) Groundbreaking U. of I. researchers have spent decades teasing apart the workings of photosynthesis. They explain why Rubisco is not perfect, but it is arguably the most important enzyme on the planet.

  • Cari Vanderpool elected Fellow of American Academy of Microbiology

    The academy is an honorific leadership group within the America Society of Microbiology. Its Fellows are elected  through a highly selective, peer-review process, based on their records of scientific achievement and original contributions.

  • Preschoolers with higher cardiorespiratory fitness do better on cognitive tests

    Researchers report that 4-6-year-old children who walk farther than their peers during a timed test – a method used to estimate cardiorespiratory health – also do better on cognitive tests and other measures of brain function.

  • Paper: STEM skills gap modest among IT help desk workers

    'When people generically bemoan skills gaps, they’re often parroting unverified talking points. They’re only focusing on the supply side, the availability of workers...while ignoring the role of firms and their influence on the demand side.'

  • Football season opener moved from Dublin to Champaign

    The 2021 season opening football game between the Fighting Illini and Cornhuskers will not be played in Dublin, Ireland, due to COVID-19. The game will still be played on Aug. 28, but now it will be held at Memorial Stadium. 

  • EU Day online features Swedish ambassador, hip-hop artist, Greek tragedy

    Ambassador to the U.S. will discuss Sweden’s approach to gender equality; benfits of providing child care, gender-neutral parental leave; and why women’s access to rights, resources and representation are important in foreign policy.

  • SNAP online availability about to explode, but some worry it won't fully address food insecurity

    Grocery Dive (Feb. 16) Professor Craig Gundersen says online payments aren’t likely to make much of a dent in solving food insecurity or in reaching the majority of recipients. 

  • Undergrad's TikTok stardom: From classroom practice to influencer status

    Sierra Reed says studying advertising at Illinois actually helps her understand how to use TikTok. She’s learned how to measure engagement and target videos to her audience - which isn't exactly the audience she imagined.

  • Defense, dynamic duo lead Illini over Northwestern

    The Illini were led by double-digit performances from four different players, including Ayo Dosunmu's 13 points and five assists, and Kofi Cockburn's 17 points and 10 rebounds. Both Adam Miller and Georgi Bezhanishvili dropped 10 points. 

  • Study links prolonged sedentary time to distractibility in obese, overweight adults

    Adding to the evidence linking sedentary behaviors and cognition, the study found that individuals who spent more sedentary time in bouts lasting 20 minutes or more were less able to overcome distractions.

  • Choreographing an illusion of intimacy, passion on stage

    Jessica Steinrock and Zev Steinrock help actors on stage and screen perform authentically, safely, and with consent.