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  • Storied.

    On the hundredth anniversary of this difficult autumn, we look back at a campus that prepared soldiers for war, tended to the sick, and came together in a spirit of selflessness and compassion that was the hallmark of some of our earliest Illini.

  • Cunningham named Big Ten Goalkeeper of the Week

    The recognition marks the first weekly honor for the Illini junior in her career, and the second for an Illini this season

  • Trump may not know what's behind global warming, but scientists do

    Star Tribune (Oct. 15) None of the natural effects could have produced the warming seen from 1951 to 2010. But 'if you include the effect of greenhouse gases, everything matches up,' says Illinois' Don Wuebbles

  • State legislatures are struggling to determine how young is too young to marry

    Deseret News (Oct. 13) 'The great movement of the law has been to say that kids have more ability to make decisions not less,' says Illinois law professor Robin Fretwell Wilson

  • Monster hurricanes: Why have recent storms been so huge?

    Atmospheric sciences professor Deanna Hence discusses how some hurricanes become so large, the paths they take and how global climate change may affect these factors

  • Research: Would students conserve energy if they were given 'energy bills’?

    Are students thinking about their dormitory energy usage? And would they think about energy costs — and conservation — more if they were presented with detailed energy reports?

  • New book studies friction between religion and family law

    A spate of Supreme Court decisions has caused a sense of unease among religious people, says Robin Fretwell Wilson, editor of the book 'The Contested Place of Religion in Family Law'

  • Illini Soccer defeats Hoosiers in double overtime shutout

    The Illini close the regular season home slate with a 7-2-0 record at Illinois Soccer and Track stadium and improve to 10-6-0 on the season and 5-4-0 in Big Ten Play

  • Gene Robinson elected to National Academy of Medicine

    Illinois entomology professor Gene Robinson was elected to the National Academy of Medicine 'for pioneering contributions to understanding the roles of genes in social behavior'