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  • What Is A Personal Brand Anyway?

    You have likely heard the term 'personal brand' before, but what does that mean? This article discusses what a personal brand is, and why leaders should care about their personal brand. The ways you talk or write, the interactions you have with others, and the way you spend your time are all aspects of your personal brand, whether you intentionally plan them or not. This article will help you begin reflecting on your personal brand.

  • What Can Bad Leadership Lead to?

    The movie Team Foxcatcher (2016) is a perfect example of how multi-faceted ethical leadership issues can be. The story shows what bad leadership can do to subordinates and how maybe the leader isn't the only person to blame for the end result.

  • Leadership in Social Justice

    The Oxford Languages Dictionary defines social justice as “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.” The concept of social justice encompasses all oppressed and marginalized groups and it is formed on five pillars: access to resources, equity, participation, diversity, and human rights.

  • 6 Tips for Successfully Leading a Team

    Leading a team can be intimidating, so here are six tips to help you the next time you are tasked to lead a team.

  • Add These to Your Leadership Reading List: ILC Resources and Our Upcoming Book Club

    The Illinois Leadership Center’s Cavenaugh Leadership Library is a great resource for students and staff due to its various borrowable activities and books that can help anyone with improving their leadership competency. The ILC will also be launching a brand-new book club for those who enjoy stories of leadership in practice and for those who want to learn about newer, nontraditional theories of leadership. Learn more about what we have to offer!

  • Becoming a Culturally Competent Leader

    Great leaders possess the skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary to build authentic connections with people from different cultures. This blog will highlight qualities of culturally competent leaders and steps you can take to build cultural competence.