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June 2021 Illinois Professional Digest 2

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  • Prairie Research Institute’s 2021 Outstanding Collaboration Award Goes To—The Shop and Drilling Team

    The shop and drilling team collectively manages PRI fleet vehicles, facilities work orders, in-house manufacturing, and drilling needs and maintenance. For more information on the team and why they won this award, click here

    Matt Thompson                  Rich Padilla
    Bob Bryant                          Aaron Blacker
    Travis Griest                        Brandon Apperson

  • Facilities and Services: Professionally Impressed

    A sculptor installing one of his pieces with Facilities & Services wrote, “I was so impressed with the quality of professionalism I experienced. Todd Hawkins, Erik ‘Cable’ Davis, Brett Balsamello, Will Corum and Mark Stine all worked together in harmony, exhibiting respect for me, the task at hand, and each other….From my brief experience with them I observed their pride in the work itself." To read more, click here.  

  • INDIVIDUALITY—What Makes Us Like You Is What Sets Us Apart

    “The University of Illinois Police Department (UIPD) is staffed by people who genuinely care about your safety, and we may all have more in common than we think. Our staffers are community members just like you, and their interests, their life experiences and the things that drive them are what make the University of Illinois Police Department truly unique.” To learn more about the people of UIPD, click here.

  • Vet Med Staff Spotlight: Carrie Chandler, CVT, CCRP

    The College of Veterinary Medicine (Vet Med) spotlights Carrie Chandler, a rehabilitation specialist in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. To learn more about what Carrie does and one of her favorite patients, click here