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  • Passing of Al Feng


    I have learned from Jeffrey Feng that his dear father and our dear friend, Albert, unexpectedly and peacefully passed away two days ago. Jeffrey, his sister Jacqueline, and his mother, Al's lifelong partner and wife Lifei (Phoebe) are gathered at Jeffrey's home in Irvine. There may a simple memorial service in Irvine, perhaps adapted to the pandemic circumstances.

     Al was as large as life, a real swashbuckling scientific adventurer. Everything and everybody he touched here were improved. When he came in to the headships of the NSP and MIP, his first priorities were to overhaul and reorganize the written rules under which they operated, so as to greatly enhance their smooth delivery of educational services. He was a wise leader. His work on audition in bats and frogs was always right at the frontiers, and he was always greatly respected as an important scientist by people who really understood. He traveled all over the world performing imaginative field studies with bats and frogs. We all, even those of us who did not know him, owe him gratitude, appreciation, and respect for his life's works that still really continues to impact us all.

    Thank you,