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  • Visiting Processing Engineer/Chemist

    The Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) and the Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS) are part of the Prairie Research Institute (PRI) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign which is centrally located between Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis.   PRI houses five large scientific surveys covering a wide range of expertise including biology, water resources, climate, geology, sustainable technology, and archaeology.  PRI’s mission is to provide objective, integrated scientific research and service, in cooperation with other academic and research units of the University of Illinois and elsewhere, that allow citizens and decision-makers to make choices that ensure sustainable economic development, enduring environmental quality, and cultural resource preservation for the people, businesses, and governments of Illinois.  To learn more about ISTC please visit


    ISTC is seeking a Visiting Processing Engineer/Chemist to organize and perform experiments in support of process development; data collection and analysis; report writing and project deliverables.

  • Project Engineer-CHAMP

    The Illinois State Water Survey of the Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has been a leader in the study of water resources for more than a century.  Our research and service programs provide citizens, industries, and government agencies at all levels with timely, science-based information and analyses necessary to manage our water resources wisely for economic development and a sustainable environment.  


    The Illinois State Water Survey is seeking a Project Engineer to serve as Principal Investigator and/or manage projects and perform engineering analyses related to surface water resources, and develop models of hydrologic and hydraulic processes.

  • Assistant Research Scientist, Waterfowl Ecologist/Director, Forbes Biological Station

  • Visiting Senior Scientific Specialist, Wetland Soils or Visiting Assistant Scientist, Wetland Soils

  • Visiting Environmental Assessments Specialist

    ISGS is seeking a Visiting Environmental Assessments Specialist (up to five) to perform environmental site assessments (PESAs) and evaluate potential environmental and geologic hazards and risks for Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) infrastructure improvement projects. IDOT’s infrastructure projects range in size and can involve anything from a single property to hundreds of properties across many miles of existing or future highways.  IDOT uses the PESAs completed by ISGS to assess each project’s needs, plan the agency’s short-term and long-term needs, assist in land acquisition decisions, and promote awareness of natural and man-made hazards that may affect the project and its construction. 

  • Visiting Scientific Specialist, Wetlands Geologist

  • Visiting Web Systems Developer

    PRI is seeking a Visiting Web Systems Developer to collaborate with communication professionals and other PRI staff to create and maintain standards-compliant web properties that effectively communicate the activities and impact of the Prairie Research Institute and its constituent surveys, programs, and projects.

  • Visiting Assistant or Associate Research Scientist, Engineer

  • Staff Engineer/Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineer

  • Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Materials Science

    ISTC is seeking a Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Materials Science, to conduct research and lead projects related to the areas of material science, bio/chemical processing, hazardous waste reduction/repurposing, energy efficiency/conversion/storage, and/or water/wastewater treatment as part of enhancing research capabilities under the Hazardous Waste Fund.

  • Visiting Business Development Specialist

    ISTC is seeking a Visiting Business Development Specialist to work within the Technical Assistance Program to recruit and maintain relationships with business and communities for the purpose of evaluating their sustainability needs and generating projects to address these needs.