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  • Undergraduate Hourly Lab Assistant (up to 2 positions)

    Position:  Undergraduate student hourly


    Rate:  $12/hour


    Availability:  September 24, 2018 through December 31, 2018



    Glassware cleaning and laboratory housekeeping. Sample processing and preparation for experiments that include solid-liquid separations and size/solids fractionation. Perform physical and chemical testing of manure samples that include solids content, volatile matter, carbon measurements, acid titrations, and major anion/cation measurements Implement acidification experiments with manure samples. Data processing and reporting to supervisor. Perform other experiments and analysis on an as needed basis.



    Please send resumes to:


    John Scott


  • Entomology Lab Technician (Hourly Assistant)

    The lab assistant will conduct laboratory tasks including washing, pinning, labeling, and identification of insect specimens in support of research project on pollinators in prairie restorations. 

  • Engineer-Graduate Student Hourly

    The Coordinated Hazard Assessment and Mapping Program is seeking a graduate student to conduct and/or review hydrologic and hydraulic studies, communicate results, and assist with the preparation of technical reports.