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  • Madison Garcia (right) and a classmate at a genomics lab

    Exploring Research Interests in Greece

    "During my time conducting experiments in a research internship for Perrotis College in the American Farm School located in Thessaloniki, Greece, I learned a lot academically, internally, and culturally, all of which has changed my outlook on life."

  • nicole park

    Virtual Global Experience Spotlight: Nicole Park, VA Corps - South Africa

    "Through this internship, I was able to develop my collaboration, networking, andinvestigation skills during my group-based learning projects with global organizations likeUNAids."

  • Identity Reflection in Ghana

    “One integral part of the program was identity reflection. Although I don’t personally have Ghanian roots, I feel as though I had impactful experiences that translated into reflecting on my own identity, particularly my race. Our professor and TA incorporated group discussions after every cultural activity. It was powerful and educational to hear what my peers took from our experiences and how they related it to their life and identity. Being on a program like this was very special to me.” - Rosianna Alexander, senior in Human Development and Family Studies

  • Connection and Family In Costa Rica

    “A cool part of going on a small program is how close you get with the people you go with. In our case, we all lived with host families, who even got to know each other. My friend’s host sister took us all around San Joaquin and we all climbed a mountain together! It was really cool because I wouldn’t have had that experience without the close connection between our host families. I also loved getting to bond with locals on a deeper level, not just my host family!”

  • Internships Abroad: Emma in New Zealand

    One of the best ways to learn is through hands on experiences. Learn about Emma Woods’ study abroad experience in New Zealand and how she got the chance to learn through exploration and hands on professional experience.