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  • Inclusive Teaching Philosophy Inspired In Granada

    “Granada is a city that is so rich in history and culture from different groups of people. This whole experience really strengthened my belief in the importance of inclusivity in language education curriculum. As a Spanish teacher, I will make it a point to ensure that when teaching history, everybody’s history is a part of the lesson. When teaching the language itself, I think it is so important to teach the different variations of how things are said in Spain, Latin America and South America. It’s one language, but spoken in many different (yet equally beautiful) ways. I can’t wait to teach my students as inclusive of a version of Spanish as I can.” - Daniel Donovan, junior in Spanish Education

  • How Study Abroad Prepared Me For Med School

    Arnold Oparanozie, a senior majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Global Studies with a minor in Chemistry, studied at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain to work on his Spanish language skills.

  • There and Back Again: Sarah at Korea U.

    Originally from Minooka Illinois, Sarah chose to attend Illinois due to the Korean Language courses available and the strong support from the College of Education to study abroad. Sarah studied at Korea University in Seoul on two separate occasions, citing her first experience and a desire to take more courses as the motivation to go abroad again.