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  • Academic Hourly-Research Chemist

    Conduct basic and applied research in a field and laboratory setting in the area of carbon capture processes.

  • Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Biogeochemist

    ISTC and ISWS are seeking a Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Biogeochemist, to conduct research on the biogeochemistry of inorganics and contaminants -- particularly metals, other inorganics, and agricultural and industrial chemicals -- in groundwater, surface water, mining effluents, and wastewaters in Illinois and other regions as applicable.

  • Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Materials Science

    ISTC is seeking a Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Materials Science, to conduct research and lead projects related to the areas of material science, bio/chemical processing, hazardous waste reduction/repurposing, energy efficiency/conversion/storage, and/or water/wastewater treatment as part of enhancing research capabilities under the Hazardous Waste Fund.

  • Visiting Business Development Specialist

    ISTC is seeking a Visiting Business Development Specialist to work within the Technical Assistance Program to recruit and maintain relationships with business and communities for the purpose of evaluating their sustainability needs and generating projects to address these needs.

  • Visiting Environmental Program Development Specialist