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  • Undergraduate Hourly Assistant - Illinois State Archaeological Survey

    The Illinois State Archaeological Survey is seeking four undergraduate students to work at least 12 hours per week beginning October 2021. Students will assist our archaeological staff in scanning (large format maps, slides, standard documents), adding meta data to files, renaming files, organizing large maps, boxing inventory, lifting/moving boxes, performing data entry (Excel and/or Filemaker), and conducting collections rehabilitation. 

  • Undergraduate Hourly Assistant - Illinois State Geological Survey

    The Illinois State Geological Survey is seeking an undergraduate student to collaborate with other project members to analyze multiple data types to better understand geologic controls on reservoir properties at a regional scale as part of reservoir characterization for CO2-EOR and CO2 storage.

  • Undergraduate Hourly - Illinois Natural History Survey

    INHS is seeking an Undergraduate Student to work on research projects related to the ecology, behavior, and management of corn insect pests (western corn rootworm beetles/larvae).