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  • Cape Town in Four Weeks or Less

    Many students believe they won't have time to study abroad during their college career but there are plenty of programs available during the Summer term as well as during Winter and Spring breaks. Natalie Szot participated in ACES Faculty-Led Program: Service Learning, Child, Family, Health and Agriculture in South Africa during the Summer 2017 term.

  • Navigating Accessibility In Stirling

    “I was unsure about the culture around disabilities in the UK or what resources would be available to me, but I eventually made a personal decision not to take her [Gaza]. I found that the UK was inclusive, accommodating, and welcoming – when people saw having difficulty with my cane at the airport, or that I was struggling to keep up with the group, they put out a hand, asked if they could assist me, or waited for me to catch up. While abroad, I climbed the 246 steps of the National Wallace Monument and at the end of my program, I even gained enough confidence to climb Dumyat Hill with the people on my program. I love Gaza. She is a part of me, and always will be, but my identity had become ‘the girl with the dog.’ My study abroad experience allowed me to do the self-healing that I needed.”